Hurricanes Team Meet

We hosted our own Hurricanes Team Meet on Friday, October 19 with outstanding results from our swimmers in Pre-Competitive 1, Pre-Competitive 2, Competitive and Regional Groups! There was such a fantastic energy throughout the meet, with swimmers really going after their races of 25m, 50m and 200m distances! We have such a strong group of swimmers coming through our younger groups, it was very fun to be a part of the meet!

We started the meet with the 200m Individual Medley which involves swimmers racing a 50m Butterfly, 50m Backstroke, 50m Breaststroke and 50m Freestyle. It is a great event for the overall development of our swimmers as they must work on their technique for all four strokes and their aerobic endurance to get through the race. Saige, Esme, Kai, Mikayla, Declan, Shae, Addison S, Kiera, Chloe and Marcus Z all raced the 200m IM for the first time and it was amazing to see how well everyone did. Both Rebecca and Sarah had raced the 200m IM before and both of them took 22 seconds off their previous best times! Outstanding racing! Congratulations to Shae, Chloe, Sarah and Marcus who all qualified for LMR swim meets by breaking four minutes in their 200m IMs!

11 Hurricanes raced in their first ever swim meet! Congratulations to Dela, Benjamin, Aiden, Yi Yang, Marcus P, Aila, Addison S, Eric, Frank, Rickie and Madelyn! It was so great to see new faces at the meet, it’s a big accomplishment to get your first best times so that you can work on improving them in practice.

A special thanks to the older Hurricanes swimmers who volunteered at the meet! Great work timing by Keala, Meghan, Emily, Tiger, Natalie and Atria! Sidney was a fantastic organizing each heat and the meet couldn’t have run without Josh running the computer for results!

Our next meet for the whole team will be our own Hollyburn Invitational on December 1-2. We encourage everyone to participate, it is the only time we will be able to have our entire team on deck for the same competition!

100% Best Times
Dela D, Peter F, Rebecca H, Benjamin H, Esme J, Aiden K, Yi Yang L, Mikayla M, Marcus P, Aila RG, Kiersa S, Addison S, Kiera S, Eric S, Frank S, Chloe V, Evelyn W, Madelyn W, Rickie W, Sarah Y, JayJay Z, Marcus Z

New Time Standards

LMR (Lower Mainland Region) Swim Meets
Shae Murtha                      200m Individual Medley
Chloe Vertes                      200m Individual Medley
Sarah Yu                               200m Individual Medley
Marcus Zhou                      200m Individual Medley