RENO Team Partners
State Entries - Version 1

Entries for the Nevada State Championships are due next week. I am responsible for submitting the team's entries. Below is the first draft of entries. Please let me know ASAP if there are any changes. A few notes:

- If your child is not listed and you are planning on going, let me know. Same if the opposite is true: your child is listed and you are planning on NOT going.

- Swimmers can sign-up for 8 events but can only swim 7 at the meet. Some swimmers fall into this category.

- Although a swimmer has seven or more cuts, some may only be signed up for 5-6 events. The coaches made this decision, because we want to put the athlete in the best possible position for success in their events. Swimming the maximum events at championship-level meets isn't always the right call.

- If your child is entered in 4 or less events, please let me know if we missed an event that he/she has a State cut in.

- I will update these entries with any changes and send at least one more updated version before the entries are due on Wednesday.

Click here to see the entries.

Thank you!