Langley SC Invitational Review

The Hurricanes had 19 swimmers race at the Langley SC Invitational this past weekend with really impressive results throughout the meet. It was the first time that swimmers raced some 200m and 400m events this year as well as the first meet with heats and finals. So it was a lot of meters and big efforts in a short two day meet.

Our Regional swimmers did a great job racing as it was the first LMR Meet for Chloe, Sarah and Marcus after just qualifying for the meets two weeks ago at our Team Meet! Addison had big improvements in both her backstroke events and swam her first 200m Breaststroke! Alessandra swam her first 200m Backstroke, 200m Breaststroke and really improved her 200m Individual Medley! Kiersa had an outstanding 50m Freestyle and raced her first 200m Backstroke and 200m Breaststroke! Chloe had an amazing 100m Freestyle breaking 1:40 the first time she raced the event! Sarah’s 200m Breaststroke was outstanding, finishing with a 3:45! Marcus was really strong in his first 200m Breaststroke and also had a great 100m Backstroke! We really want to see our Regional swimmers getting experience in the 200m events as that will be their training focus as they move through the club.

For our older swimmers this was a tough meet. The intention of the meet was to be tough and they really did rise up to the challenge! It was amazing how many races they swam in heats and finals. Morgan, Quincy, Josh, Olivia and Lucas raced 14-17 races over the two days and that included at least three 400m swims and at least five 200m events. Morgan had a great finals with bests in 400m IM, 200m Back and 200m Fly as she swam nine times on Saturday! Quincy set five club records, broke 2:30 in both the 200m Backstroke and 200m Individual Medley for the first time, broke 3:00 in the 200m Breaststroke and just missed 100% best times by .5 of a second with 16 events over the two days! Josh was .1 from 100% best times, set new best times in six events by seven or more seconds and smashed the team 200m Individual Medley record! Keala had big drops in her 400m Individual Medley and 200m Butterfly as well as a fantastic 200m Breaststroke way under 3:20 for the first time! Meghan also had an outstanding 200m Breaststroke breaking 3:20 and just missed 100% best times! Olivia broke 5:20 in the 400m Individual Medley, 2:40 in the 200m Fly and 3:00 in the 100m Breaststroke and was less than a second from 100% best times with 17 races! It was great to see Brooke back racing again after not kicking for the past few weeks and she was very strong in her events especially her 200m Backstroke! Emily was very good in the events she feared the most, 400m Individual Medley, 200m Fly and 200m Breaststroke! Tiger missed 100% best times by .3 and had a big drop to get to a 3:10 in his 200m Backstroke! Lucas hit best times in all of his events, racing 15 times through the weekend! Lucas went from not having Provincial Times to racing to them in five events over the weekend! Jessica really put together her best 200m Breaststroke which has been one of our main training goals, dropping over two seconds this early in the season is a great sign of things to come! Tyler had 100% best times with great racing, big drops in everything and narrowly missing his Provincial Times in multiple events! Natalie just missed 100% best times as well, broke 6:00 by a lot in the 400m Individual Medley and broke 3:00 in the 200m Butterfly!

I was so proud of watching the swimmers deal with the difficult racing environment of so many heats and finals. The swimmers who have been putting so much work into their training saw some major positives early in the season with their higher than expected performance level again and again throughout the meet. On Sunday night after racing 13, 14 or 15 times the best times kept coming! Any races that weren’t bests were barely over and there were so many great efforts! Exactly what I wanted to see! Lucas ended the meet with a best time in his 100m Freestyle after just racing his 200m Breaststroke less than 10 minutes earlier.

Up next…
Our swimmers with SwimBC Provincial times will race at the Surrey Long Course Invitational on Saturday, November 24.
All of our swimmers from all groups will race at our Hollyburn Invitational on December 1-2!

100% Best Times
Addison G, Alessandra M, Lucas O, Tyler W

75+% Best Times
Quincy B, Josh D, Meghan H, Olivia J, Tiger L, Kiersa S, Natalie Y

New Team Records
14&under Girls 
200m Breaststroke - 2:42.68 - Jessica Strong (was Avery Kirstiuk 2:43.57 2016)
100m Butterfly - 1:06.82 - Olivia Jakeman (was Quincy Bender 1:07.22 2018)
400m Individual Medley - 5:19.37 - Olivia Jakeman (was Quincy Bender 5:20.31 2018)
15&over Girls 
50m Freestyle - 26.75 - Quincy Bender (was Quincy Bender 27.31 2018)
100m Freestyle - 59.26 - Quincy Bender (was Quincy Bender 1:00.12 2018)
400m Freestyle - 4:34.97 - Quincy Bender (was Jennifer Darling 4:49.41 2009)
200m Butterfly - 2:41.63 - Quincy Bender (was Jennifer Darling 2:41.63 2009)
200m Individual Medley - 2:29.09 - Quincy Bender (was Jennifer Darling 2:30.51 2009)
400m Individual Medley - 5:13.22 - Quincy Bender (was Jennifer Darling 5:19.78 2009)
14&under Boys 
200m Individual Medley - 2:21.29 - Josh DeCoteau (was Aidan Smith 2:24.46 2016)

New Time Standards

SwimBC Provincial Championships
Quincy Bender            200m Backstroke, 200m Breaststroke
Josh DeCoteau           200m Butterfly, 400m Freestyle
Olivia Jakeman           200m Butterfly, 200m Breaststroke
Lucas Ouellette           400m Individual Medley, 200m Backstroke, 50m Freestyle,
                                    200m Butterfly, 200m Breaststroke
Natalie Yu                   100m Backstroke

SwimBC Age Group Time Standards
Meghan Haigh            400m Individual Medley, 100m Backstroke, 100m Butterfly,
                                    200m Breaststroke
Emily Jones                200m Backstroke, 200m Butterfly