Working Together

Working Together

“The best place to coach a swim team is in an orphanage.”

The statement above has been a long-running joke among cynical swim coaches for decades as they bemoan swim parents who “just don’t get it,” are “too involved,” or “not involved enough.” Though the joke usually elicits a chuckle, this mentality gets it all wrong. Parents are a critical part of a swimmer’s and a team’s success.

Parents, you are the most important people in your swimmer’s life. You have nurtured your swimmer from birth to where he or she is now, a well-adjusted young person joining the swim team. As a parent myself, I understand the hopes and joys as well as the worries and fears that you have for your child. As a coach, it is my aim for our program to have a significant positive impact on your child’s life through the sport of swimming. In order to make this happen, it is important that we understand each other and work together.

There are a number of ideas that I plan to communicate with an ongoing series of articles (of which this is the first). I hope you will recognize this as my renewed effort to offer a coaches’ perspective, explain the nuances of the sport of swimming, and help you understand your child’s place in it. It is a wonderful sport, and I am happy to be coaching your child.

And I am glad to not be coaching in an orphanage. :-)