IMX Results, files and Re-Cap

Congratulations, Stingrays, on a great IMX Meet!

We hosted 8 teams this year in what became the biggest IMX meet to date. (Results are below)

This meet marks the lead up to championship swimming: The next meets (JR NAtl'ls, SR State and the TWS Invite) launch us into a championship season that is marked by Prelim-Finals format meets and swimmers who are in the best shape of the season...and only getting stronger, more skilled and ultimately faster. *Note to our AG Red and Blue: Get signed up for the TWS Meet! Our families will not be volunteering at that meet and many of you will make Finals! Deadline for that meet is the 20th.


Finally, BIG BIG Thank you's to all our volunteers, again, for a meet that ran without a hitch. From our coordinators to timers, all the needs were met. This meet also showed what great team unity and spirit we have as many of our Senior and Youth kids stuck around on Sunday afternoon to volunteer and make sure all the slots are filled. This makes your coaches very proud and makes our team a great place to be!

We never, ever want to delay a swim meet because we don't have enough timers. Thanks to you all, we didn't!


Read the "Ultimate Teammate" article in this week's newsletter, gang.

See you all on the pool deck!



Results file