Phoenix Swimming Invited to Attend 2018 National Age Group Summit
Phoenix Swimming has been chosen, based upon results over the past 2 years, as one of the 42 best Age Group programs in the country!  As such, we are invited to attend the Bi-Annual National Age Group Summit held at the Olympic Training Center (OTC) in Colorado Springs, CO from November 15th-18th.  USA Swimming uses different criteria - including rate of improvement for athletes, athlete performance across all 5 strokes (Free, Bk, Fly, Br, and IM), Virtual Club Championships rankings, power point standards and IMX rank, and overall quality and culture of the program - to name the comprehensive best Age Group Programs in the country.  At the summit, I will get the opportunity to participate in discussions and panels about developing young athletes, present our history, philosophy, and team structure to other coaches in attendance and the club development/ high performance staff at USA Swimming, and will have the opportunity to learn from some of the best swimming minds. 
When I was at National Select Camp at the OTC with Max 2 weeks ago, much of the discussion was about the highest level athletes and the progression from being a top age group swimmer to joining Team USA on the National Junior Team, National Team, or as a member of a select team for specific international meets. It is rare for one team to be able to experience both the opportunity to learn about how to treat top level athletes and then also have the opportunity to gather further information on how to get them to be top age group swimmers through proper development.  There was only one other team that was in attendance 2 weeks ago that is also invited to attend this weekend. 
Matt and I had the opportunity to send an email announcing this same news in September 2012 (just after our 2 year anniversary as a team) and in October of 2016.  The National Age Group Summit originated in 2010 so as of this year, we will be invited to and attending 3 of the 5 ever held (we were only eligible for 4 since we were not a team until Sept 2010).   When honored in 2012, we were selected as one of the top 5 teams of under 100 swimmers.  In 2016, we were in the team size of 101-200, which obviously put us in a group with a lot more competition.  At that time we had 115-120 members so we are relatively small for our new grouping.  The selection this year totally eliminated considering team size.  USA Swimming made the selection by reviewing their statistics with all teams "equal in size" (making the selection analytics under the parameters of a set number of athletes).   Despite our size, we have shown here in New England and are again recognized nationally for the accomplishments and quality of our program.  
Congratulations and thank you to all Phoenix Swimming members and coaches. 
Lori and Matt