Team Update


We have a couple of important reminders that I wanted to bring up to everyone.  Our state meet recap, the Burn the Bird Big event, and our practice schedule.


State Meet Recap


Congratulations to all of our state swimmers! It was an excellent weekend full of fun, races and some great best times! Almost all of our swimmers achieved at least one best times and we saw some excellent new time cuts:

100% Best Times:
Ginnie Kincaid (1 Swim)
Corrine Kranz (2)
Rowdy Miller (3)
Genoa Nixon (7)
Amelie Palmer (3)
Delaney Sullivan (7)
Dutoit Gonin (1)
Ella Kraemer (4)
Lily Reynolds (3)
Claudia Van Der Veen (3)
New All Star Cuts:
Chance Kirby - 1 new cut - 100 Fly (11 Total)
Rowdy Miller - 1 new cut - 100 IM (3 Total)
Claudia Van Der Veen - 1 New Cut - 100 Back (3 Total)
New Far Western Cuts:
Izzy Porter - 1 New Cut - 100 IM (7 Total)
Delaney Sullivan - 2 New Cuts - 200 Free, 500 Free (4 Total)
New Western Zones Age Group Cuts:
Izzy Porter - 2 New Cuts - 100 Free, 50 Fly - First and Second Cuts!
New SR Open Cuts:
Paris Collins - 1 New Cut - 200 Free (3 Total)
Claudia Van Der Veen - 1 New Cut - 100 Back (2 Total)
New SR 2 Cuts:
Genoa Nixon - 3 New Cuts - 100 Free, 100 Fly, 400 IM (5 Total)
Izzy Porter - 1 New Cuts - 100 Fly (5 Total)
New Western Zone Sr Cut
Amelie Palmer - 1 New Cut - 200 Breast (2 Total)
Izzy Porter - 1 New Cut - 100 Free (2 Total)
Delaney Sullivan - 1 New Cuts - 100 Free (5 Total)
Thanks Lindsay.

Burn the Bird

I hope everyone is having an excellent November.  Our 2nd annual Burn off the Bird Endurance Event is Saturday November 24 at 1000 AM at Northwest Pool.  Please come out and swim or volunteer.  Please see the attachment for details on swimming the event. Signups are at 

 If you have swimmers that are swimming or you just want to help out we can always use your help with being a lane coach (no experience needed-on the job training is available). 

You can also donate some snacks and drinks for the swimmers: 

Cut up fruit-oranges or bananas 

Bagels and / or cream cheese 

Energy bars 

Drink coolers / paper cups 

Please contact me at or 775-842-2791 if you are interested in donating or volunteering. 

Thanks,  Tracie


Practice Schedule

Our Practice schedule is back to NORMAL.  We will have all normal practices up until Thanksgiving weekend.  

Thursday November 22nd and Friday November 23rd there will be no practices due to the pool being closed for the holiday.

Saturday November 24th at 10:00am is our Second Annual BURN THE BIRD.  You can sign up on our website under the online registration tab on the home page.

Sunday November 25th-December 14th will all be normally scheduled practices!!!