YCF Detailed Meet Information

Hi All,

As promised, I am sending out more detailed information regarding the YCF meet this weekend and the schedule for the week of Thanksgiving. Since here is a lot on both fronts, I am sending them in separate posts so they are easier to digest, so to speak. Below is the information regarding the YCF meet.

YCF Meet Information

Your coaching staff is excited about the meet this weekend. We put this meet on the schedule because it is relatively close by and it is in an indoor facility. While it is indoors, please bring plenty of warm clothes and extra towels. It can still get very cold; even indoors. Also make sure to bring healthy snacks, plenty of fluids and a chair for your swimmer(s). While there is some seating on deck, it wouldn't hurt to ensure your athlete has a place to rest between events.

Meet Format

The meet will be held in a 25-yard course. It is a 3-day format with all events on Friday and Sunday being timed final plus all 10 & Under events. Prelims/Finals for 11-12, 13-14 and Senior events on Saturday only. The fastest eight (8) qualifiers will return for finals for the 11-12 and 13-14 individual events and the sixteen (16) qualifiers will return for finals for the Senior individual events. Order of finals will be A-final then B-final. All relays will be conducted as timed finals during the morning preliminary session for 11-12, 13-14 and senior, and during the afternoon timed finals session for 10 & under. Deck seeded events (500 Free and 400 IM) will be swum fastest to slowest and will alternate gender if run in one course. Meet management may opt to use fly-over starts or chase starts where deemed appropriate at this competition.


Friday, November 16, 2018  - All Ages

  • Timed Finals: Warm up – 4:00 pm     
  • Meet Starts – 5:00 pm

*Saturday, November 17 - 11 & Older Swimmer (includes swimmers in any Open events)

  • Prelims: Warm up – 7:30 am, Meet Starts – 8:30 am
  • Finals: Warm up – 4:30 pm, Meet Starts – 5:30 pm

*Please remember that this is a prelims / finals day the top eight 11-12 and 13-14 individual finishers as well as the top sixteen senior swimmers will swim again at night. Please double check before you leave as some swimmers scratch. This means that even if you did not initially make finals, you might if some higher placed finishers above you scratch.

Saturday, November 17 - 10 & Under Swimmers

  • Timed Finals: Warm up – 12:45 pm     Meet Starts – 1:45 pm


Sunday, November 18 - 11 & Older Swimmer (includes swimmers in any Open events)

  • Timed Finals: Warm up – 7:30 am      Meet Starts – 8:30 am

Sunday, November 18 - 10 & Under Swimmers

  • Timed Finals: Warm up – 12:45 pm Meet Starts – 1:45 pm

Important Links


Psych Sheet

Heat Sheet (please print prior to arrival as heat sheets may not be available for sale on deck)

Meet Info

Scratches / No Shows

We have a policy that everyone who has signed up for an event that needs positive check in (usually events with distances of 400 or above) will be checked in by the coaching staff unless overwises informed prior to the start of warm ups that day. If you can not make it, or are going to be late, please text me (813-846-8352) so I can properly scratch the swimmer from the event. So far, I have received notification from one family that they can not make it Friday. Keep in mind that there are penalties for checking in to an event and not showing up (scratching). The penalty can vary from meet to meet. Below is the scratch policy for this meet:

PRELIMS – There is no penalty for scratching on the block in the Preliminary events except for deck-seeded events. Any swimmer entered in an individual event that is “deck seeded” who has checked in for the event, must swim the event unless he/she notifies the clerk of course before the seeding for that event has begun, that he/she wishes to scratch. Failure to do so and not swim will result in the swimmer being barred (scratched) from the next individual event (preliminary or timed final) in which the swimmer is entered. Declared false starts will be accepted from the swimmer prior to the start of the heat.

FINALS – Any swimmer who competes in a preliminary heat and qualifies for either championship or consolation finals and fails to swim in the final without notifying the Meet Referee that he/she may withdraw from the finals within thirty (30) minutes after the announcement of qualifiers for that event and further fails to declare his/her final intention within thirty (30) minutes of his/her last individual preliminary event, will be penalized by being automatically scratched from their next individual final or individual event, whichever occurs first. The Referee may insert the next eligible swimmer into Finals or Consolation Finals once a “failure to swim” is declared and in any vacant lanes resulting from the penalty. Declared False Starts in Finals will be considered a “failure to swim” and will draw the same penalty. In the event of an illness or injury, certified to the satisfaction of the Meet Referee, there will be no penalty.


We have relays this weekend. The names originally posted may not be the final lineup on the day of the race. Please have your swimmers check with the coaches to see if they are on a relay.


At this point in the season, we are looking for some strong swims. Our swimmers should have very strong second half swims, but should feel a little more confident about taking out their races with easy speed. We are looking to see if the technical aspects of their races are in line with what we have been teaching and reinforcing of late. Are they holding their stroke rate, are they using a proper breathing pattern, are they attacking the walls and using their underwaters effectively? While we have not tapered for this meet, we are still looking for solid, well thought out races.

We do have some high schoolers attending this meet as well. Many of them rested for a meet a week or two ago.  We are looking to see them race well; especially in events they may not have had a chance to compete in for some time due to their high school schedules. Hitting multiple meets for a taper a week or two apart is an important skill. We hope that this experience will give them that ability as they continue their swimming careers in club and beyond.

What to Bring

As mentioned before, healthy foods and drinks are encouraged. A chair for your swimmer would also be nice. The weather is a tad cold right now. There is a hallway between some conference rooms and the pool that can be a little warmer than on deck.  By bringing a chair, the swimmers can congregate there between swims and stay warm. Bring extra clothes, towels, perhaps a foam roller or ball and of course, a great attitude.

Here’s to a great meet!

See you at the pool - Rich