Graduating Senior Interviews


Graduating seniors
Crystal Bui 2007-2008
Katelyn Hackett 2001-2008
Kelsey Louden 2003-2008
Christina Messer 1996-2008
Jessica Patalano 2004-2008
Ana Salabesha 2001-2008
Mina Salabesha 2001-2008
Andrea Scharfen 1999-2008
Brooke Walsh 2004-2008
Penelope Yamauchi 2001-2008
Ben Baldwin 2006-2008
Derek Baldwin 2006-2008
Greg Desmond 2002-2008
Michael Glenn 1995-2008
Dan Gossage 2003-2008
Reid Hartz 1995-2008
Cody Scoles 2004-2008


Jessica Patalano
          Jessica began swimming after her sister Jenna on the Healdsburg Sharks. She was 6 years old.  Her younger sister Jillian had to wait because she was too young.  Her Mom thought swimming would be a good sport for her family as she watched her girls swim at their cabin in Lake Pillsbury.
           A funny memory she has was with Don Walsh.  They were playing sharks and minnows at practice and she tried to grab Don and he almost kicked her suit off.  As she told Cameron he repliedý Gosh Jess if you wanted a date that bad you just had to ask, you didn’t need to flash.  She also enjoyed going to practice on make fun of Jenna Thursdays.
            Jessica enjoys club swimming and all the close friends she has. It is more like having many brothers and sisters. High School swimming is fun but not so serious.  Club swimming becomes your life it is your heart and soul.
            Her favorite stoke is butterfly and her least favorite stroke is breaststroke.
            This swimmer she will swim, compete and work at the Healdsburg people. She will spend time with her friends who are going away to college. In the fall Jessica will attend the Santa Rosa Junior College.
            Her advice to young swimmers is to don’t get discouraged, keep working hard and it will pay off. Hard work and dedication will give you the results you work for.
Brooke Walsh
   Brooke began swimming about 4 years ago, her brother started about a month before her.  She has always done several sports and her Dad was always trying to get her to swim when she was younger.  She did not like the morning practice (and times haven’t changed).
    Her Dad swam as a young boy on a swim team in San Francisco. The pool he swam in is no longer there.
    A memorable time for Brooke was competing in the mile and the 500 free and improving her time by 25 seconds.  Also it was quite amusing to be in seahorse at the age of 13.
          When asked about the difference between club swimming and high school swimming. Brooke said club swimming is more competitive “She enjoys the commemoratory with high school swimming. For example the bus rides with the whole team traveling to meets. The senior girls ride in the back and blast the music.
          Her favorite strokes are freestyle and butterfly. Her least favorite stroke is breaststroke due to her bad knees. It hurts to even practice it.
          This summer she plans to live at the Healdsburg pool. Where she will work and swim. In the fall she will attend San Diego State
          Brooke’s advice to young swimmers is to start early, stay focused and have fun.
Crytal Bui
            Crystal began swimming year round on the Neptunes after her junior year at Maria Carrillo high school. “I joined because I thought coach Tony was going to coach Carrillo my senior year and I didn’t want him to be mad at me, ha ha. Tony is very scary when he is mad.ý Crystal’s favorite memory thus far was the senior walk at this year’s NBL champs at the Junior College where they honor the graduating seniors.
In the fall, Crystal plans on attending Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts. She is most excited about coming home and checking in with her friends and teammates to see how they are doing in and to see if coach Dan is still a bully.
Her favorite stroke is 100 back & 100 free.
Crystal’s advice to younger athletes: “Go to morning practice, it helps."
Cody Scoles
            Cody began swimming seriously with the Neptunes his freshman year at Cardinal Newman – Cody tried swimming for 1 year when he was 10 (it didn’t work out). “I joined the team because I saw my older brother playing water polo and he wished he could have been a better swimmer to help him become better at polo. I wanted to be like him.ý 
Cody’s favorite memory was placing 6th in the nation at Junior Olympics in water polo. Cody’s best events are the 50 Free, 100 Free & 100 Fly.
            In the fall, Cody will attend UC Irvine on scholarship to play Division 1 water polo – what excites Cody about the future is improving his polo skills while playing at Irvine and eventually getting a job.
            Cody’s advise to young swimmers: “Never stop working hard, be a leader-leadership is key. Be committed!!"


Kelsey Louden

            Kelsey has been competing for the Neptunes for the past 4 years, she began her swimming career in 1997 with Healdsburg swim club and then Piranha swimming before joining the Neptunes. Kelsey was glad to join SRN because it was more competitive and it had a more rigorous training schedule. Kelsey favorite memory, “Gosh, probably winning the 100 breastroke at North Coast Section (NCS) in 2006 and staying in the dorms with all of my friends at the Janet Evans meet at the USC campus. That was fun."
Kelsey swims the 200 IM, 400 IM, 100 Breast, 200 Breast, 100 Fly & 200 Fly.
In the fall, Kelsey will attend UCLA and compete at the Division 1 level. She is most excited about “growing up, becoming more independent and reaching my highest potential as a student athlete."
Kelsey’s advice to younger swimmers: “stick with swimming thru the hard times, it is worth the sacrifice and hard work!"
Derek Baldwin
            Derek joined the Neptunes 2 years ago after swimming with IVAN, then Petaluma swim club and then TVA. Derek started swimming when he was 6 years old. He came to the Neptunes because his team was falling apart and the choice was the Neptunes or North Bay Aquatics. “I knew some fast people on the ‘tunes and I heard the coach was good."

            Derek’s favorite memory was REAL’s 3-4 years ago. “I beat Tyler Hannis, Nathan Viscara and someone else from VJO in the 500 free. I went 4:55. Another memory was back when I was 8, we had meet buddies, my buddy gave me $5 for going a best time. It was fun hanging out with senior swimmers."

Derek swims the 100 Free, 200 Free, 200 IM, 400 IM & 200 Breast.

In the fall, Derek will attend UC Davis and will compete for the Aggies at the Division 1 level. “I am excited about gaining my independence while still having some connections (like having to be to class or practice)."
            Derek’s advice to young athletes: “Don’t over load yourselves in high school, it’s not good for you. You burn out. Try to have fun."
Penelope Yamauchi
            Penelope joined the Neptunes in 2001 after swimming on the Napa team growing up. Her family moved to Santa Rosa because they had better schools and better swimming at those schools. Penelope’s favorite memory “was cheering with my teammates at the Sectional meet (Bull dogs…what… whowhowho) was fun and rooming in the dorms at the USC campus for the Janet Evans meet was awesome."
            Penelope swims every event very well, however her best events are 200 IM, 400 IM, 100 Breast & 200 Breast.
            In the fall, she will attend Arizona State University on a scholarship to compete at the Division 1 level. Penelope is excited about “improving on everything, getting stronger physically and mentally, training harder and getting better."
            Penelope’s advice to younger swimmers: “keep working, when you go thru a plateau – keep working hard, things will turn out for the best. Stay away from negative activities and people, eat right and go to bed early."
Reid Hartz
            Reid started swimming on the team back in 1997 when he was 7 years old. Reid started swimming because his older brother Scott was on the team (he graduated in 2001). Reid’s favorite swimming memory, “back when the Blue group was Age Group 3 and I got Dan as a coach. Those were the good old times with Mike Glenn, Robert Kauth & Tyler Main."
            Reid favorite events “any IM, back & fly – those are my favorites."
            Reid will be attending UC Davis in the fall where he will compete for the Aggies at the Division 1 level. “I am ready for the change in environment – take classes I actually care about."
            Reid’s advice to younger swimmers: “Go to practice – try hard and don’t give up. If things aren’t going great, stay positive and things will get better."