YCF Meet Info ^ December (and other) Updates

Hi All,

Before I get to the the meet details, a couple of quick items that pertain to all our families.

USA Registration

It’s December. We will be renewing our USA Swimming athletes memberships this month(mainly Some Bronze, Silver & Up). If you see a $75.00 charge to your account, it is to cover their registration fee.

No Practices Friday, Saturday or Monday Morning (next week).

This is a reminder that we will not hold practice on Friday and Saturday due to our participation in the meet held this weekend. The meet will be three (3) session each day beginning Friday. I am preemptively cancelling Monday morning as I am not sure how much gas will be left in the tank after three full days of championship level competition. Masters are welcome to join us in the evening on Monday at 6:15.

If you are swimming in the meet this weekend, but are not attending Friday, feel free to come to BSAC and swim for forty five minutes or so. This can be accomplished during BSAC’s normal operating hours. No coach will be on deck, but it is a good idea to stay wet the day before the meet.

Winter Swim Camps

We will offer two (2) camps over the break. The first is designed for Silver and above swimmers. The second is for our Blue & Bronze athletes. Both camps will focus on backstroke. The format will be similar to our previous freestyle camp. The first camp will meet from 6:00am to 2:00pm for five (5) days, Dec 27th & 28th and January 2nd through the 4th. The second camp will meet from 9:00am to 1pm. The cost is $95 and $50, respectively. More information and sign up will be posted soon.

Winter Closures

We will not hold any practices on Christmas or New Years Day. We will post additional practice changes for the break soon.

Puerto Rico Trip Postponed, Savannah To Be Placed On The Schedule

We have to postpone the proposed trip to Puerto Rico. The costs were becoming a factor and time was not on our side. I did look for a viable alternative and found a meet option in Savannah, Georgia over the MLK weekend. It’s a two day, timed final event held on Saturday and Sunday. It’s a five and a half hour drive so we could go over Friday and stay over until Monday morning. Savannah is a great city with a lot to do. If families are interested, we could set up chaperones and team vans to keep the cost even lower. I you have an interest in being a driver / chaperone, please let me know at your earliest convenience. I will post the specifics to our website soon.

BSAC Beautification

If you are anything like me, you are getting pumped with all the updates at our home here at BSAC. We are in a unique place right now. We are poised to be one of the best training facilities in the South when all of the project are complete. I look forward to sharing more information with you in another email. Look for that one soon.

YCF Meet

Well, it’s finally here. Our mid season target meet begins tomorrow morning. The entire staff is looking forward to some fantastic swims. Our expectations for our swimmers are high. Our swimmers should be well prepared and ready to swim fast. As a target meet, we have other expectations as well.

At target meets, we expect our swimmers to be totally focused on their meet preparation. That means, that this isn’t the meet to go to Universal Studios in between sessions or overendulge at the restaurant. We would also like to see all of our eleven (11) and older athletes back to the pool for finals, even if they are not swimming. At target meets, we want to give as much energy and support to those who do make it back for a second swim. You would be surprised how much faster the kids can go with the support of their teammates.

Coming back to finals also helps motivate those who did not make it back. I have seen the light go off over many a swimmer’s head when they saw the energy and excitement of finals for the first time. It is easier to set goals when you see all the possibilities. Of course, we expect everyone to wear their BW Bling all weekend long as well.

Meet Administrivia

Warm Up TImes - Please Note. I have our swimmers coming back an hour before the start of finals. The meet information has finals warm up starting at 4:30pm. I would rather the finals swimmers stay away from the pool for that additional half hour. Also, the meet host may send out assigned warm ups. If they do, I will pass along any updates to you.

Please have your athletes, ready to swim five minutes prior to the times below. That means if they have to set up chairs, get changed, etc., they should arrive well before the time we jump in the pool to warm up. A proper warm up can set the tone for the meet. We want to give our swimmers the best opportunities for success. Thanks in advance for helping in this regard.

  • Session One = Friday Prelims, 7:00 am ( 13 & Up, Open)
  • Session Two - Friday Timed Finals, Not before Noon ( 12 & Under)
  • Session Three - Friday Finals, 5:00 pm ( 11 & Older)
  • Session Four - Saturday Prelims, 7:00 am ( 13 & Up, Open)
  • Session Five - Saturday Timed Finals, Not before Noon ( 12 & Under)
  • Session Six  - Saturday Finals, 5:00 pm ( 11 & Older)
  • Session Seven   - Sunday Prelims, 7:00 am ( 13 & Up, Open)
  • Session Eight   - Sunday Timed Finals, Not before Noon ( 12 & Under)
  • Session Nine   - Sunday Finals, 5:00 pm ( 11 & Older)

I called to see if we could get the athletes traveling up today some pool time.  We did not get that request approved.

Important Links


Psych Sheet

Heat Sheet (as of Dec. 5th, subject to change)

Meet Info

Thanks for the opportunity to work with your children. As most of you know, this is not a job for me or anyone else on staff. We all have a passion to help children and adults reach their fitness and athletic goals. I am looking forward to all this month brings; this meet, recreational meet camps, etc. It’s truly a great time to be a part of the swamily!

See you at the pool - Rich