AZOT takes 3rd. at Winter Age Group Champs with great performances!

AZOT takes 3rd. at Winter Age Group Champs with great performances!

Congrats to all AZOT swimmers who qualified and swam in 2018 SCY Winter Age Group Championship meet in Palm Springs! This WAG our athletes delivered many strong performances. With only a little over 60 swimmer our team placed 3rd, right behind Irvine Novaquatics and Brea Aquatics. Great job to the following swimmers with the highest points on the team in their age group categories:


10& Under:      Annie Qiu & Evan Wu

11/12:              Zara Masud & Nathan Wu

13&Over:        Mirabella Levine & Sidney Miller


Not only the sun was shining in Palm Springs this weekend, but so were many of our kids with their time-dropping races. Big applaud goes to our small but fierce 10&under team that achieved many personal bests and top 10 placements:


Morgan Vu

1st. time participating at WAG

Anni Qiu

PB in 50FR, 100IM, 100BK, while placing 8th in 50BK

Nataly Andriashvilli

PB in 100BR & 50BK

Kiera Dinh

PB in 100BR, 100FL, 50FR, 200IM, and 50BR

Amir Ali

PB in 50BK & 50BR

Joseph Baek

PB in 50BK

Jay Hickman 

PB in 50FR, 200FR, 50BK, 100IM, 200IM, 100FR and placing top ten in all 6 events!

Mason Nguyen

PB in 100BR, 100FL, 200FR, 100IM 200IM and 100BK

Taylor Thongintra

PB in 100IM and 200IM, with top ten placement in 5 events!

Evan Wu

PB in 50FR, 100FL, 100IM, 50FL, 200IM, 100FR and placing top 10 in all 6 events!

Niccolo Troccoli

PB in 50FL

Eric Wang

PB in 100FL

Young Zhang

PB in 100BR, 200FR, 50BK, 200IM, 100FR


11/12 group as always did not disappoint.

Very solid swims and new personal best times by:


Aliyah Fan (100FL, 50FL, 50BK),

Jaclyn Kanda (100BR, 50BK, 200IM),

Kendall Rhee (50BR, 100BR),

Cole Saeger (50FR, 50BK, 50FL, 100BK,100FR),

Alex Canales (100BK),

Logan Dinh (100FL),

Matthew Han (100BR, 200IM 50BR),

Christopher Mattar (100BR, 50BR),

Nathan Theoret (50BK 50FL, 200IM, 100BK),

Jaren Tseng (100BK, 100BK, 100FL, 50FL, 50BK)



Many of 11/12 boys and girls made a splash and earned TOP 10 places in most of their individual races. Here are just some of their best achievements:


Genevieve Chomin   (2nd in 50BK)             

Chloe Davis               (5th in 100BR)           

Charisse Hickman    (7th in 50BR)             

Ayla Kaliponi             (6th in 50FR)              

Zara Masud                (1st in 50FL)               

Cristina Taylor          (7th in 500/200 FR)

Brandon Lee              (2nd in 50/100BR)

Holden LeVine           (8th in 50/100 FL)

Dylan Rosmann        (5th in 100BR)

Daneel Polakoff         (9th in 50BK)

Alex Schwartz           (3rd in 500FR)

Ian Sun                       (5th in 50BR)

Nathan Wu                 (1st in 50/100BR, 50BK, 100/200IM)


Many 13&Over Aquazots swam their strongest and were able to race straight to the finals and achieve their Personal Best. Some notable swims include:


Milan Bever placed 1st in 500FR, 1650FR and 200BK.

Karsyn Cook placed 1st in 50 FR

Mirabella LeVine placed 3rd in 100BR and competed in all six A-final races

Collette Lowengrub earned 3rd place in 400IM

Hillary Lowengrub placed 3rd in 200FL

Isabella Pagano placed 6th in 50FR

Sydney Rosmann 2nd place in 400IM and 200BK

Ben Kim came 7th in 50FR, PB 200FR, 100FL

Sidney Miller earned 5th place in 200BK

Trevor Nguyen placed 5th in 200BR

Christian Perez 10th in 100BR


Very solid swims and new personal best times by:


Nicole Harvey PB 50FR, 100BK

Chloe Hickman PB 400IM

Ellie Scalzo PB100BR

Sofia Kanda PB 400IM, 100FR

Leila Mirsafian PB 100BR, 200BR

Serena Liu PB 50BK, 100BK,

Rennie Karsten PB 100BR.

Cyrus Mirsafian PB 200BK, 100FR, 100BK, 50FR

Javier Rodriguez PB 100FL.

Kanoa Loo PB 200BR

Nolan Chomin PB 200BK, 1650FR, 500FR,100BK, 200IM

Nathaniel Ince PB 400IM, 100BR, 100FR, 200IM, 200BR, 100FL,

Aaron Li PB 200BK, 100FR, 100BK, 200IM, 200FR, 100FL


Way to go Seniors!


Relays really brought our team together with everyone giving their best effort and, of course, having a lot of fun.  Congrats to 11/12 girls for taking 2nd place and the 11/12 boys placing 3rd in 400 Free Relay on Friday. Saturday, the boys moved up a spot to 2nd in a 200 IM and 200 Free Relays. They were joined by 10&under boys earning 2nd spot in 200 Free Relay.


On the last day 10&under boys took 2nd place in 200IM Relay, while 11/12 girls scored 3rd place and 11/12 boys took 2nd place in 400IM Relay.  Finally, 15&Over girls placed 2nd in 400IM Relay and 3rd in 800FR Relay.


Finally, a MUCH APPRECIATION goes to all AZOT coaches who put in a lot of hours and worked really hard during these three days to make sure our kids are guided, supported, and encouraged!


Special thanks to the parents who helped with set up and tear down. And extra gratitude to the families who treated our exhausted kids with pizza on Sunday night!!!!