Club News December 19th

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Kamloops MJB Law Classic:

Congratulations to all the swimmers who attended the Kamloops Classic meet.  We had 20 swimmers make new Swim BC provincial times in 30 events! Well done KISU!

Norman Anderson in 200 Fly, 400 IM, 100 Fly and 200 Free,
Sarah Andrews - 50 Free.
Acacia Benn - 50 Brst.
Marlee Caruso - 200 Free.
Thomas Caruso - 100 Free.
Brelyn Courtenay - 100 Fly.
Talan Dekleva - 100 Free, 200 Brst, 200 Back.
Travis Kascak - 200 IM.
Chelsea Keeler - 200 IM, 100 Free, 400 IM.
Sam Kliever - 200 IM.
Ian Markus - 200 IM.
Ryan Peters - 400 Free, 50 Free, 200 Free.
Sean Peters - 100 Brst.
Ben Say - 50 Brst
Tita Schueler - 100 Brst.
Nils Steiner - 200 Free.
Ava Wall - 50 Fly, 50 Back.
Liam Wallich - 400 Free.
Alice Wang - 50 Free.
Maja Wolter - 200 IM.

Results and time difference files available on the website under the EVENTS tab.


Ontario Junior International:

Congratulations to Ashley McMillan on breaking the BC provincial record in 200IM with a time of 2:14.50

No regular practice December 22 – January 6th


Upcoming Events:

December Team Practice and Christmas Party: December 21st 3:30-7:00

Age Group, Intermediates and Swim Academy: 3:30-5:30

Mini Squad, Juniors, Super Juniors: 4:00-5:30

KISU Christmas Party

Location: Meeting Room 4

Date; December 22nd 5:30- 7:00

KISU Swimmers come join us for our annual Christmas party.  Dinner is potluck.  There will be activities, games and a movie.  Parents, this is an excellent opportunity to finish off your Christmas shopping!


New Year’s Camp 2019: December 31st- January 4th

Keep your swimmers busy in the days after the festivities (and give yourself a chance to relax).

ALL KISU swimmers are invited to join us, including Mini Squad and Fitness swimmers.  Practices will run Monday, Dec. 31, January 2 until Friday, January 4, 9am - 12noon (no practice on January 1). This is a great opportunity for swimmers to stay fit over the holidays, learn new skills, prepare for the next training cycle and keep their parent's sanity.  Practices include an hour of dryland training with guest coaches as well as video technique work.

Cost is $60 or $20/day if you can't make all the days.  

Please contact Tina for more information.



Big Bus Training Camp-Radium Hot Springs: Registration Deadline Jan 1st

This is a unique event that you don't want to miss out on.  We are going on a training camp in February, swimming outdoors in the Canadian Rockies!!  This is the only outdoor pool in Canada that runs year-round.  

We will be hosted by the Columbia Valley Swim Team.  They are helping us with the bookings, etc.  We will be 'camping' in a hall/gym/church.  We will leave on the Friday (Pro D Day), train that afternoon, doubles on Saturday and Sunday, train on Monday morning and come back that day.  It is the Family Day weekend, so swimmers will not be missing any school.  smiley

Minimum requirements are sub-4 and 12yrs.  We will need chaperones . . . please indicate in a note when you sign up if you are interested.  It will be limited to the number of seats in the bus.  Sign up early!

Parent Article:

10 Reasons Why A Swimmer’s Christmas Is the Greatest

By Grace Hoffmann, Swimming World College Intern

The prognosis of Christmas training is that it’s hard. Well, yes! However, winter training can be a blast too!  Swimmers should flourish during the winter season because:

1. You can eat whatever you want…

Calories?  More like cookies. Doubles and strenuous sets mean no worries or guilt about what you consume over the holiday break. Getting through training is tough, and delicious food makes it easier. Bring in treats to practice. Bake in between morning and afternoon workout and let your teammates know how much you care. Raise Christmas cheer with food and festive snacks to share!

2. Napping is normal, and you’re a pro at it.

For the average folk, the holiday is full of planning, shopping, family, and stress. Naps are needed. For a swimmer, the holiday consists of three things: swimming, sleeping, and eating. Embrace sleep and rest up for practice. You’re going to need it!

3. People are jealous of your parka.

Parka’s tend to become trendy during Christmas. They’re the perfect coat for shoveling snow or going grocery shopping in negative degree weather. A parka is also a presentable blanket that you can wear out in public after practice. The bright red one you wear in and out of the pool everyday would even look stellar in the family Christmas photo. Don’t overlook a parka as a nice gift for a family member. They’ll learn to love it almost as much as you do!

4. Frozen hair is the new ombre.

The mixture of negative temperatures and post-practice hair is GREAT. The nice crunch of your hair after seconds of entering the cold tundra (commonly referred to as the outdoors) really completes your time spent at the pool. Who doesn’t love the possibility of your hair breaking off? A free haircut AND less to fit in the cap! 

5. Snow angels in your swimsuit make for the perfect Instagram post. 

It’s all fun and giggles until you’re the one locked out of the pool and stuck freezing in the snow. However, it does make for an awesome memory and picture to laugh about. Have fun in the snow with your teammates but be sure to not slip running back into the pool!

6. Christmas music at the pool turns into team caroling. 

Belting out carols does wonders when you want to get out of practice early. NOT! The more singing the more time you may have to spend with your face looking down at the black line. However, cherish the holiday season. Sing anyways! If Santa Claus, who looks oh so similar to one of your assistant coaches walks into the pool, don’t question it; start caroling! You may even get a Christmas miracle (out of practice early)!

7. The Christmas Eve practice makes falling asleep with “visions of sugar plums dancing your head,” just that much easier.

Christmas eve practice. Three words. Only one adjective of description: beastly. Coaches thrive on this day. Swimmer’s do their best to survive. It could be considered the hardest day of the year. For me it’s the most memorable. Prayers are said at the beginning of the set and grades are given out at the end. By the time practice ends and at least a solid meal and a half are eaten, it’s bedtime. In just a few hours, jolly old St. Nicholas will be making his way down the chimney.

8. Sharing your chocolate milk with Santa is a no brainer, since you buy it in bulk.

Two practices a day, six days a week for three weeks… that’s a whole lot of milk. Gallons upon gallons will be drank post practice. Fuel your body right over the holiday break and drink your milk! Also, don’t forget to leave the milk and cookies out for Santa. Not only will he be grateful for your concern about his hydration, he’ll also love the surprise sweetness of the chocolate milk rather than the bland regular he tends to get from non-swimmers.

9. You’re the first to get the sneak peak of the presents on Christmas morning.

The rise and grind completely pays off on Christmas morning when you’re the first one up. First one up means first one to the Christmas tree. Hello Christmas presents! Be thankful for all those 5 a.m. morning practices, they really do pay off when you least expect it!

10. Christmas Day means no practice.

(Hopefully) A break! A day off! A day to celebrate the holiday AND not having to jump in a chlorine ice bath. Take the day to appreciate all you have been given and all the effort you’ve been giving. Surround yourself with family and friends. But don’t forget to set your alarm for practice on the 26th because remember: you are a swimmer, with the ups and downs and strenuous winter training, dedication is key and you should be proud of yourself.

Happy holidays! May the get out swims and holiday treats be ever in your favor!




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