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Ohana TYR Qualifier Awards & Caps

Ohana has Team Qualifier Awards!

Ohana's Booster Club provided our first set of Qualifier team caps for our TAGS, Sectional and National Teams!  These caps are coveted!  So far, Ohana has Sammy Wittmer, Avery Doolittle and Parker Kam qualifying for Sectionals while Halli Williams and Jordan Hennig are our National Team.

Our team sponsor, TYR, also pitches in for Qualifier awards - team jackets for both Sectional and National Team Qualifiers!

Coach Liz had really high hopes of all 5 athletes being together in one photo with caps and jackets over the holidays; however, bringing all of high school and college together for one photo WITH their stuff proved not so possible.  

Athletes - Keep believing in yourselves and inspring your team mates!