January 7, 2019 Team News


I hope everyone enjoyed their vacations.

1.  We are back to all normal practices for all groups on Thursday January 10th.  

2.  NNA team Intersquad meet is Saturday January 12th during practice 10am-12pm.  The meet will be all deck entries and teams will be chosen at the pool.  Our swimmers will be split into two teams and they will race each other in a Novice meet format.  Fun for everyone.

3.  Please sign up for the Blizzard Blast as soon as you can.  Entries are due Wednesday.  Most swimmers should sign up for at least one day.  Meet sheet is attached.

4.  All Star Appications are due at the Carson meet.  We have the forms on our web site under the events tab.

5.  Douglas Valentine meet just opened. Go ahead and sign up to get ahead of it.  Meet sheet is attached.  This meet is for swimmers not going to the Santa Cruz Senior Meet.

6.  We will not have practices Jan19-21 due to the Carson meet and MLK day.  The pool will be closed due to the holiday on Jan 21st.

7. High School Swim Season will be starting soon.  Stay tuned for any schedule changes.  The impact on our swimmers should be minimal.

8.  Please start getting geared up for our meets in March.  NNA Novice meet in March Saturday the 16th at Northwest pool and our own NNA Age Group Open meet March 23-24th at Northwest pool.  We will need volunteers, donations, etc.  So please let me know if you can help out with our big fundraiser.  We purchased a new set of starting blocks and they were very expensive.  We need to make this meet a success so we can continue to have top of the line equipment for our team.


Thank you,