Weekly Digest 12-28-18

Hi All,

Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday and wishing all an amazing New Year. 2019 is going to be GREAT!!!

Your news:

Fun Inter squad Meet Saturday Jan 5th 

  • This is our annual inter squad fun meet.
  • The team will be divided into 2 teams after the Monday sign-up deadline (once we know who'll be attending). 
  • This is fun competition including the always popular t-shirt relay.
  • We'll have people show up at 7:30 and we will be done by 11:00 am. It's at the Kroc ctr.
  • Please commit on the event page HERE

CAST Hosted 10U mini meet Saturday Jan 12th

  • Commit deadline is Jan 3rd
  • Job sign up is on the event page HERE
  • Warm up times and such will be available closer to the event date.

USA Swim Registration

  • Up to date list is attached to this email.
  • Still A LOT of CAST swimmers have not renewed their registration. 
  • Take care of that ASAP.
  • Swimmers are NOT eligible to compete in 2019 without their USA swimming registration being current.
  • Click HERE for all pertinent forms to get it done.

January Schedule/Calendar

  • Will be posted later tonight to the CAST website.

Other notes

  • Weather
    • It is winter now and it cold and dark during all levels at practice.
    • Please remind your athlete to wear shoes, sweatshirts/parkas and to bundle up after practice.
    • The flu and cold bugs this season are BAD. The Davies household just got hit.
    • Good training cannot happen without good health.
  • Welcoming 2019
    • It is a great time for your athlete to think about what they want to achieve in 2019 swimming wise.
    • Coming off winter break there is a couple solid months of training and then Championships meets hit.
    • Does your swimmer have goals to make JO's or beyond.
    • Mapping the rest of the season and knowing how many opportunities to achieve said goals is a good thing.
    • Voice your goals to your coaches. Ask them what needs to be done.
    • Back up your intentions with hard work.
    • Don't be afraid to push through your own barriers. (That voice that says your too tired, or can't do it....prove that voice wrong)
    • LAST and MOST important CAST swimmers should always be the the swimmers that work the hardest, have the most focus, have the clearest vision, are the most determined and absolutely are having the MOST FUN!!!

Go CAST!!!

That's all for now,

Jen Davies