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Weekly News Announcements Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Wednesday, January 9, 2019


1.  Words from Coach Mark
2.  USMS 2019 Registration     
3.  Polar Bear Club Party
4.  MVN Masters Swim Meet
5.  SCY Nationals NQT’S 



Words form Coach Mark

Success Formula for Life

WORK – In the quest in life’s endeavors work is essential. Give yourself, 100%, to whatever you are attempting.

DISCIPLINE – We must discipline ourselves to avoid the mistakes that hinder our development.

PRIDE – Once we possess a sense of work and discipline, pride is developed in ourselves and we know we are the best at what we do.

TEAM – Very few things are done individually. The majority of our accomplishments are done as a team. This is certainly true in athletics and it also holds true for the business world, the Church, and other institutions in our society.

SUCCESS – The combination of the above four equate to success. The degree of success we achieve depends on how well we’ve mastered the work, discipline, pride, and team concepts. If the degree of success continues to be small, then one or more of the four concepts needs to be re-evaluated and improved.

WINNING – Winning in athletics and in life is merely a by-product of this success formula. If you continue to develop these attributes, winning will come to you.


USMS 2019 Registration

Every swimmer must have a valid 2019 USMS card for insurance and liability purposes.  If you show up for workout without your 2019 registration completed you will not be able to swim.

You can go to USMS MEMBER REGISTRATION to renew



Polar Bear Party

The Polar Bear Club Part is Saturday, January 12 at noon.  The Party will be at the Stuarts in Mission Viejo on Saturday, January 12 at noon.   

All members are welcome to attend – those who swam 12 or more workouts will have their pizza and drinks paid.  Swimmers with 16 or more workouts will receive a Polar Bear Club T-Shirt!

RSVP a Must!

MVN SCY Meet – Sunday, January 13

On Line regisration is CLOSED! 
Dweck enters will be allowed Sunday morning.



Job Sign Up –



SCY Nationals NQT’s 


4/25-04/28  USMS National Short Course Yards ChampionshipsMesa, AZ


Meet Information

National Qualifying Times

Order of Events


If you will be attending please let us know ASAP




            Mission Viejo Nadadores Masters


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