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Weekly Announcements January 16, 2019


Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Workout Times for the Weekend
Saturday, Jan 19  (6:00-7:00am)
Sunday, Jan 20  (6:00-7:00am)


1. Words from Coach Mark

2.  MVN Meet Results

3.  Polar Bear Party

4.  USMS SCY Nationals



Words from Coach Mark

Swim Tip - Can You "Feel the Water"?

What sensations do you feel when your hands go through the water?

Are you manipulating water efficiently?

1. Feel your hands.

Try inserting your hands into the oncoming flow instead of "attacking" the water and trying to push the water directly backwards.

2. Wrap the Flow.

After feeling the oncoming flow – wrap the flow around the arm by gradually rotating your hand and forearm.  The maximum elbow bend should reach approximately 90 degrees and should be comfortable to you- If you need to- adjust the amount of elbow bent to suit your style.

3. Think momentum.

Your desired stroke timing depends to a great extent on your speed. Use your entry hand as a guiding sensory to judge the desired timing of your stroke.

Good Luck!



Nadadores National Qualifies and Team Recorder Breakers

Here are the 7 Mission swimmers who qualified in 27 events for Spring Nationals in Mesa, AZ!


Brian Airth (MVN) Age Group 50-54
50 Y Fly 28.33 1 (NQT)
50 Y Free 26.21 2 (NQT)

Alex Bae (MVN) Age Group 18-24
1000 Y Free 13:02.18 1 (NQT)

Ray Borzone (MVN) Age Group 55-59
50 Y Free 27.13 1 (NQT)

Steve Gunnell (MVN) Age Group 45-49
100 Y Back 1:01.85 1 (NQT)
100 Y Free 53.74 1 (NQT)
100 Y Breast 1:09.06 1 (NQT)
100 Y IM 1:01.49 1 (NQT)

Brad Hibbard (MVN) Age Group 45-49
50 Y Fly 24.98 1 (NQT)

Katherine Horvath (MVN) Age Group 40-44
100 Y Back 1:16.06 2 (NQT)

George Polizos (MVN) Age Group 40-44
50 Y Fly 26.55 2 (NQT)
100 Y Fly 1:00.60 1 (NQT)
100 Y IM 1:03.84 2 (NQT)

Allison TerBush (MVN) Age Group 25-29
100 Y Back 1:09.83 1 (NQT)

Ryan TerBush (MVN) Age Group 25-29
100 Y Back 55.74 1 (NQT)
50 Y Back 26.69 1 (NQT)
50 Y Free 22.83 1 (NQT)
100 Y IM 57.34 1 (NQT)

Daniel Peralta (MVN) Age Group 18-24
50 Y Fly 26.14 1 (NQT)
100 Y Fly 58.25 1 (NQT)

Heidi Zuniga (MVN) Age Group 18-24
200 Y Free 2:05.31 1 (NQT)
200 Y IM 2:22.48 1 (NQT) 
100 Y Fly 1:02.18 1 (NQT)

Mark Longworth (MVN) Age Group 65-69
50 Y Fly 31.75 1 (NQT) 
50 Y Free 29.33 2 (NQT)

Michael Connellan (MVN) Age Group 70-74
50 Y Back 36.52 1 (NQT) 
50 Y Free 30.83 1 (NQT)


Here are your Team Recorder Breakers

Heidi Zuniga Age Group 18-24

200 Y IM 2:22.48



Mark Longworth. Age Group 65-69

50 Y Fly 31.75



Michael Connellan Age Group 70-74

50 Y Back 36.52






Polar Bear Party

Thank you to our host Ian and Margaret Stuart for allowing us to have the party at their home.

Shirts were given out and we ate pizza to celebrate the Polar Bear Club Challenge winners – for those who have not received their shirts see Coach Mark.


USMS SCY Nationals

April 25-28, 2019, Mesa, Ariz.


Entries for Spring Nationals will open by mid-February.


National Qualifying Times/Number of Events/Sixth Event

Competitors may enter up to three individual events without meeting the national qualifying times, or a maximum of six events if they meet the NQTs (i.e. have swum a time equal to or better than the NQTs during the past two years).  

National Qualify Times

Travel and Lodging


Mission Viejo Nadadores Masters

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