CDSC Invitational Review

CDSC New Year’s Invitational Review

Our team was back into racing mode this past weekend at the Canadian Dolphin Swim Club New Year’s Invitational with 29 swimmers participating. This was the first Lower Mainland Region swim meet for many of our Regional swimmers and it was great to see their effort in racing the 200m Freestyle and 200m Backstroke events for the first time! Our more experienced swimmers used the meet to race some different events and many of them swam their first 800m Freestyle of the season.

Our two biggest swims of the weekend were 50m Freestyle relay leadoffs by Brooke and Tyler! Brooke narrowly missed qualifying for SwimBC Age Group Championships in the 100m Backstroke (by 1.2 seconds), the 100m Freestyle (by .5 seconds), the 100m Butterfly (by .1 seconds) and her first 50m Freestyle (by .5 seconds). Brooke then had a tremendous swim in her 50m Freestyle leading off the relay with a time of 34.07, under the time standard of 34.30, to qualify for SwimBC Age Group Championships in February! Tyler had a similar story, missing his standard in the 100m Freestyle (by .1 seconds), the 100m Butterfly (by 1.3 seconds) and the 50m Freestyle (by .2 seconds) until his last race of the weekend. Leading off the relay Tyler raced to a time of 27.10, besting the SwimBC Provincial Championships time standard by .2 to qualify for the meet!

200m Freestyle was a great event for our younger swimmers, our training focuses on training for this event and we had outstanding results! Addison dropped eight seconds off her previous best time! Alessandra took off over 40 seconds from her time! Rebecca, Stella, Esme, Yiyang, Declan and Marcus all swam their first 200m Freestyle with everyone finishing with impressive results! Rebecca, Stella, Esme, Declan, Sarah and Marcus all swam their first 200m Backstroke at the meet as well!

We had a lot of great 800m Freestyles to start the meet, with everyone racing the event for the first time this season. Sidney dropped 28 seconds off her time to qualify to race the event at SwimBC Provincial Championships with a final time of 10:02.22! Quincy improved her team record by five seconds to finish with a 9:26.54! Keala took off 12 seconds, Natalie broke 11 minutes with a 10 second improvement and Olivia took off almost a minute to break 10 minutes!

Throughout the meet the swimmers had a lot of time to hang out and bond as the sessions were long and they often had a lot of time between their races. They did a good job of preparing for their races in the warm-up pool, with everyone coming away from the meet with a lot of positives and some things to focus on in training. We do not go to meets with long sessions like this very often, but they are good practice for when swimmers are at many provincial and performance meets. Often heats can go right into finals and it is important for them to know how to manage themselves on a pool deck all day so that they can still perform when they hit the water. There was a lot of great swimming on Sunday and that was when our swimmers were the most worn down. A big hand to the swimmers who stayed focused throughout the meet, it’s a great learning experience.

Our team will now look forward to the Chena Swim Meet this weekend, with swimmers from Regional, Competitive and Pre-Competitive competing over Saturday and Sunday morning sessions. Swimmers in Pursuit, Senior, Junior and Regional will also be competing in the Chena Distance Meet on Saturday afternoon.

100% Best Times
Claire D, Esme J, Yiyang L, Sarah Y, Marcus Z

75+% Best Times
Quincy B, Keala H, Rebecca H, Stella H, Brooke J, Declan M, Tyler W, Natalie Y

New Team Records
14&under Girls
50m Butterfly – 30.08 – Jessica Strong (was Quincy Bender 30.13 2018)
200m Individual Medley – 2:28.48 – Jessica Strong (was Jessica Strong 2:28.78 2018)
15&over Girls 
400m Freestyle – 4:30.52 – Quincy Bender (was Quincy Bender 4:31.36 2018)
800m Freestyle – 9:26.54 – Quincy Bender (was Cami Hill 10:11.21 2018)
100m Butterfly – 1:06.13 – Quincy Bender (was Quincy Bender 1:06.66 2018)

New Time Standards

SwimBC Provincial Championships
Quincy Bender            100m Backstroke
Sidney Clement          800m Freestyle
Olivia Jakeman           50m Freestyle
Jessica Strong            100m Freestyle
Tyler Winsborrow        50m Freestyle

SwimBC Age Group Time Standards
Meghan Haigh            200m Backstroke
Brooke Johannson      50m Freestyle (now fully qualified!)


LMR Invitational Review

We also had six swimmers race at the LMR Invitational at UBC on the Saturday morning. Morgan, Quincy, Josh, Cami, Olivia and Jessica all worked on their long course racing in their top events. There was a lot of strong racing as the swimmers were aiming to approach the events as they would at a high performance meet.

New Team Records
15&over Girls 
100m Freestyle – 59.58 – Quincy Bender (was Quincy Bender 59.85 2018)