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Wednesday, January 23, 2019


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3.  USMS 1-Hour ePostal Swim
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Words form Coach Mark

Streamline, Streamline, Streamline

Streamlining can make a world of difference, particularly in a short-course setting. That's because making the body more streamlined with the water and reducing drag can be a minimum energy investment for a maximum speed return. 

On a start, the speed gained from the push off the blocks or wall and the force of gravity is faster than you can actually swim. If you can maintain that speed for any extra duration and everything else is equal, the overall time should be quicker.  All you have to do is perform an improved streamline.

The easiest place to make a quick change in streamlines is off a wall. These are the things to look for:

Off-the-Wall Streamlining

1.  One hand aligned on top of the other with fingers pointing the direction of travel, the little finger and thumb of the top hand wrapped around the lower hand to allow leverage and prevent separation.

2.  Fingertips stretching and reaching as far forward as possible

3.  Arms extended, pointing in the direction of travel

4.  The body surface, from the back of the swimmer's hands along the arms, then down the shoulders and back, as one relatively smooth surface with no "head bump" sticking up

5.  The swimmer's arms actively squeezing in behind the head, as if trying to make the elbows touch

6.  The swimmer's core tight and straight, every muscle pulling toward the center, trying to make the body longer and thinner

7.  The swimmer's legs adducted or squeezed in and together with the toes pointed

8.  The swimmer in a strong, long torpedo-, rocket-, or pencil-shape off the wall 

As the push-off continues, you  must keep the rest of the body streamlined to hold that speed, which should be faster than swimming, for as long as possible.

The month of February we will FOCUS ON STREAMLINES!



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1-Hour ePostal Swim

USMS 1-Hour ePostal National Championship

We will hold this event on Sunday, Feb 24 during workout for those who wish to enter this event.



SCY Meet Schedule


Rose Bowl Short Course Yards, Pasadena, CA - Sat-Sun, Feb 9th-10th

Caltech Pentathlon, Pasadena, CA - Sun, Mar 3rd

CVMM Matt Biondi SCY Masters Classic, Thousand Oaks, CA - Sun, Mar 17th

UCLA Short Course Yards, Los Angeles, CA - Sun, Apr 7th

Regional Championships, San Luis Obispo, CA - Fri-Sun, May 17th-19th



SCY Nationals  


4/25-04/28  USMS National Short Course Yards Championships, Mesa, AZ


Meet Information

National Qualifying Times 

Order of Events   


If you will be attending please let us know ASAP





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