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Swim for Funds Update

Hello Reno Aquatic Club!

We are less than three weeks out from our annual Swim 4 Funds Splash 4 Ca$h swim-a-thon and fundraiser… which means it's time to set up those pledge pages and solicit donations! A couple of reminders about setting up your online fundraising page and incentives:

 Collecting pledges/donations:   

You can collect pledges using either the pledge sheet sent home in January or online on our team page.  If you collect donations online, make sure you (or your swimmer) set up your swimmer's page.  This takes just a few minutes and can be found under the "set up" tab… have your swimmer write a note to include on the page and upload a picture.  Please reach out with questions or if you have trouble setting up your page. 


This is where the fun really starts!  We have both individual and team incentives:

Individual Awards:

·          Top Online Fundraisers:   On Sunday, February 17, 2 weeks from now, we will identify the top 10 online fundraisers (at that point) and those swimmers will be invited to select a song for our Swim 4 Funds_Splash 4 Ca$h playlist. Songs will be played at our swim-a-thon on February 23.  Of course please continue to raise funds online through March 1.

·          $50+ Fundraisers: Any swimmer who raises $50 or more will receive a snazzy Reno Aquatic Club water bottle.


Group Awards:

·          Highest Participation Rate :  The group (or groups) with the highest participation rate when the fundraiser closes on March 1 will get to design a workout and/or games for a practice.

·          Most Money Raised: The group that raises the most money (on average) by March 1 will earn a pizza party… served by the coaches!

2019 Swim Gear Swap

Parents and swimmers, if you have any swim gear that is in good shape, but you have outgrown, please consider donating these items to our younger swim team members.  We will set up a table prior to the start of the swim-a-thon for families to donate swim gear and remain on display though the event.  Any leftover items will be donated to a local charity.

 Swim 4 Funds_Splash 4 Ca$h is our most important fundraiser of the year.  We are asking each swimmer to participate in the fundraiser, as we aim for our goal of $10,000.

 If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Torrey Palmer & Damon McAlister