Chena Meet Review

Chena Invitational Review

The Hollyburn Hurricanes had a fantastic swim meet at the Chena Invitational January 26-27! We had 15 swimmers race in the meet with some great highlights each day. The 200m Individual Medley’s were incredible! In the 200m IM Marcus raced to a best time by 20 seconds, Claire took off 18 seconds, Addison dropped 11 seconds, Sarah improved by 11 seconds and Rebecca was 9 seconds faster! Nika had a big improvement in the 25m Freestyle and swam her first 25m Butterfly! Payton swam a very fast 25m Freestyle and raced his first 100m Individual Medley! Stella took off time in every one of her events, with her 50m Butterfly improving by over 5 seconds! Emma had an impressive 100m Individual Medley and dropped six seconds in her 50m Backstroke! Alessandra took off five seconds in her 50m Butterfly and had a great 50m Freestyle! Mikayla was very strong in her first 100m Individual Medley! Declan raced to all best times and took off 22 seconds in his 100m Individual Medley! Shae had a great 50m Butterfly dropping 10 seconds and dropped 18 seconds in her 100m Individual Medley! Eric raced his first 50m Backstroke and finished under a minute! Mia had great swims in the 25m Breaststroke and 25m Backstroke the first time she raced them!

100% Best Times
Claire D, Rebecca H, Stella H, Declan M, Eric S, Sarah Y, Mia Z

66+% Best Times
Payton G, Emma J, Alessandra M, Shae M, Marcus Z

Our swimmers also attended the Chena Distance Meet with amazing results in the 400m Freestyle, 800m Freestyle and 1500m Freestyle events. Rebecca, Stella, Alessandra, Declan, Shae and Marcus all raced the 400m Freestyle for the first time! Brooke knocked 87 seconds off her previous best time in the 400m Freestyle and Tessa improved her time by 15 seconds! Meghan improved her best time by 38 seconds in the 800m Freestyle with a time of 11:06.70! Meghan beat her best 400m Freestyle time in the first 400 metres and the second 400 metres! Emily improved her 800m Freestyle time by 34 seconds with a strong first half! Tyler raced his first 800m Freestyle with a great start and finish! Keala had a very impressive first 1500m Freestyle finishing under 21 minutes with great even splitting throughout the race! Olivia swam her first 1500m Freestyle and finished well under 20 minutes with a well executed race! Sidney dropped 30 seconds off her previous best, broke 19 minutes and raced under the SwimBC Provincial time standard in the 1500m Freestyle! Quincy improved her time by 47 seconds, raced under the SwimBC Provincial standard and broke the team record in the 1500m Freestyle! Josh set a new team records and qualified for SwimBC Provincial Championships in 1500m Freestyle and at his 800m split during the 1500m Freestyle!

New Team Records
15&over Girls 
1500m Freestyle – 18:10.60 – Quincy Bender (was Cami Hill 20:11.98 2018)
14&under Boys
800m Freestyle – 9:13.39 – Josh DeCoteau (was Josh DeCoteau 9:45.98 2018)
1500m Freestyle – 17:22.91 – Josh DeCoteau (was Colby Evans 18:07.07 2011)

New Time Standards

SwimBC Provincial Championships
Quincy Bender            1500m Freestyle
Sidney Clement          1500m Freestyle
Josh DeCoteau           800m Freestyle, 1500m Freestyle