An Important Message From BSAC's CEO.

Hi All,

Below is a message from BSAC’s CEO, Chuck Burgess. Chuck was instrumental in bringing me onboard here. I have known him for decades, as both a successful coach and an even better friend. He is a mission driven workaholic. What he has accomplished during his tenure here at BSAC is nothing short of amazing. His tireless efforts have helped thousands of area families better themselves in a wide variety of arenas. Please take a moment out of your day to read his state of the company message. Hopefully, our families will gain a better insight into BSAC, it’s people and mission. Thanks in advance. Chuck’s message follows:


BSAC Families,


As you all are aware, we have had tremendous growth over the past several years in many of our programs. As a leading non-profit in Hillsborough County, we continue to drive our mission of positively impacting lives daily and tackling many societal issues such as youth drowning, quality after school care, special needs education and life skill development and creating opportunities for children through sports and recreation. Through many, many years of focused organizational operations, fundraising, major partnerships and community support, we are now in a position to do more and more with our facilities.


For the past two plus years, we have worked on transforming our youth drowning prevention initiatives and aquatic experiences through our partnership with Hillsborough County. We completed our new Ken Hagan Community Learn to Swim Pool two years ago, and are undergoing a massive renovation to our 50-meter pool which is scheduled for completion sometime in April. This is a must project to not only save lives from drowning, but also to bring in competitions to drive economic impact and create more aquatic offerings from health to recreation to competitive. We are THE aquatic hub for Eastern Hillsborough County!


In addition to these renovations, we have done so much more. We’ve renovated areas for our TRIDENT special needs program, created more space for our after-school program which allowed us to partner with Livingstone Academy to serve even more children with special needs in the process. We’ve added sidewalks, paved our parking lot, added additional parking lot and pool lights, added new fencing, created some green spaces, put new flooring in our lobby area making it more spacious, and put on a ton of paint.


This week, the projects continue as BSAC will be getting a new roof on the café building, the main building and over our diving dryland area as well. We’ll be continuing to replace outdated doors and adding walkways. Currently, we have an engineering firm putting together blueprints to renovate two of our classrooms adjacent to the aquatic locker rooms, and put together plans to renovate those locker rooms as well.


As you can tell, this is a huge investment that we are making to improve everyone’s experience at BSAC, and this could have only happened through the generous daily support from all of you. We are deeply committed to our mission and hope that all of you will continue to support us with your program support, attending and supporting our fundraising efforts and be positive ambassadors in the community as you share your experiences with others.


On behalf of our board of directors, leadership team and overall staff team, we appreciate your ongoing support, and we will continue to work diligently to serve you and your family to the best of our abilities and resources.


Yours in service,


Chuck Burgess