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RENO News - 2/11/2019

Wow! What a meet for Reno Aquatic Club in Minden. This weekend was another step forward for our team. I was very impressed with the performances in the pool and the demeanor of the swimmers out of the pool. 

Looking back at last year’s results and my notes from the meet, the improvements this team has made has been tremendous. We continue to establish ourselves as the top team in the region in so many areas: number of swimmers, performance in the pool, team spirit, coaching, and much more. Let’s keep up the momentum! 

Be sure to read this email for the full recap from the meet and other important information.

President’s Day Practice – February 18

On Monday, February 18 there will be NO practice for the Orange, Blue, and Mini RENO groups. National, Senior, and Pre-Senior groups will have practice from 7:00 – 9:00 AM at Northwest Pool. 

Upcoming Practice Changes

Here are the upcoming changes to the schedule:

- Monday, February 11 – No practice for National and Senior groups. Orange will have normal swim but no dryland. Normal practice for Pre-Senior and Mini.

- Monday, February 18 (President’s Day)  No practice for the Orange, Blue, and Mini RENO groups. National, Senior, and Pre-Senior groups will have practice from 7:00 – 9:00 AM at Northwest Pool. 

- On Monday, February 25th all practices in the afternoon/evening will start and end 15 minutes later than our current schedule. The exception is the National group on Wednesdays in Carson City. 

Douglas Dolfins Valentine’s Day Recap

We had many outstanding performances from the weekend. Several swimmers picked up new State, Pacific JO, and Far Western time standards. Almost every swimmer got at least one best time. And, most importantly, we raced very well and had a lot of fun! 

Here are some highlights from the weekend:

High Point Winners:

  • 6-under girls – 1st: Kyla Sellers
  • 8-under boys – runner-up: Matthew Zheng
  • 9-10 girls – 1st: Marni Kraemer; runner-up: Avery Jakubos
  • 9-10 boys*  1st: Oliver Raker
  • 13-14 girls – 1st: Emma Karam
  • 13-14 boys – 1st: Aidan Pflieger
  • 15-up girls – 1st: Claire Trevithick
  • 15-up boys – 1st: Nathan McAlister

*Angelo Aramini deck entered, so he was ineligible for high point. If he was eligibile, RENO would have been first and second for 9-10 boys.

100% best times:

  • Kyla Sellers
  • Aryaa Dash
  • Matthew Zheng
  • Abbigail Garner
  • Teagan Langer
  • Kalia Ream
  • Oliver Raker
  • Declan Skuse
  • Gabi Brittain
  • Addison Clark
  • Lena Minnetto
  • Savannah Soto
  • Daniel Velasquez
  • Dominik Brittain
  • James Dale
  • Matthew Dale
  • Archit Dash
  • Teson Grant
  • Shawn Zhou.

New Top-10 RENO times

  • Angelo Aramini moved into 7th place for 9-10 boys in the 100 fly

And.... RENO was the biggest team by 20 swimmers!

A big thank you to all the parents for getting your swimmers to the meet. If you decided to skip Sunday because of the weather, we completely understand. The drive on Sunday was interesting to say the least.

Also, a big thanks to our parents who timed and officiated. We greatly appreciate your help! 

Click here for the meet results.

Swim for Funds

Swim for Funds is in progress! Here are the incentives to raise funds for RENO:

Individual Awards:

Top Online Fundraisers: On Sunday, February 17 we will identify the top 10 online fundraisers (at that point) and those swimmers will be invited to select a song for our Swim 4 Funds_Splash 4 Ca$h playlist. Songs will be played at our swim-a-thon on February 23.  Of course, please continue to raise funds online through March 1.

$50+ Fundraisers: Any swimmer who raises $50 or more will receive a snazzy Reno Aquatic Club water bottle.

Group Awards:

Highest Participation Rate:  The group (or groups) with the highest participation rate when the fundraiser closes on March 1 will get to design a workout and/or games for a practice.

Most Money Raised: The group that raises the most money (on average) by March 1 will earn a pizza party… served by the coaches!

We are looking forward to a great event on Saturday, February 23, 2019, from 4:30 – 6:30 pm at the Carson pool. Swimmers should plan to collect pledges until February 23. This is our biggest fundraiser and we are looking to raise $10,000!  We’d like every swimmer to participate. 

Parent Education

One of the many things I like about swimming is that it is a timed sport. It’s not a sport that subjectively judged, or a team sport where playing time can cause drama. Results are black and white. 

Since swimming is a timed sport USA Swimming has developed certain time standards to help gauge performance and qualify swimmers for certain meets. Today’s Parent Education will focus on time standards. 

Before I dive into the time standards, I want to preface it with a few personal stories. 

I started swimming when I was 7. I really wasn’t good, but I loved spending time with my friends. When I was 10 all of my friends had Far Western cuts; I had one State cut. When I was 12, I earned my first Far Western cut – barely! Three years later, I had Sectionals and then I progressed through the Senior time standards. 

I had a teammate who had Far Westerns in every event when he was 12 and under. He never progressed beyond the Far Western level even though he swam through high school.

Coach Melanie was a very accomplished 12-under swimmer. She continued to be very fast swimmer throughout her entire age group career and represented Team USA at the World University Games. 

Moral of the story: achieving certain time standards or NOT achieving certain time standards at a young age does not make or break your child’s swimming career. Our goal as coaches is to progress the swimmers throughout their entire duration with RENO, so by the time they are senior-level swimmers they are still improving and still love the sport.

In addition, some swimmers get very motivated to achieve certain time standards. For others, time standards are not a good motivational tool. The anxiety of trying to get a new standard can cripple their performance. As coaches, we do our best to find the proper ways to motivate each swimmer. If your child does not get motivated by new time standards, I’d encourage finding different motivational tactics. I would be happy to share some ideas if your child falls into this category.

Time standards can be broken into two categories: Age Group and Senior. USA Swimming has several motivational time standards but for simplicity sake, here are the time standards we focus on at RENO:

Age Group Time Standards:

State Time Standards: 

These are the first time standards that novice swimmers should strive for. The Nevada State meet happens every year in November. The meet rotates between Carson City and the Las Vegas/Henderson. It will be one year in Carson then two years in Henderson. 2019 will be the second year in the south of this cycle. 

Click here for the time standards.

Pacific Junior Olympic (JOs) Time Standards:

This is the first time standard in high-level age group swimming. Several teams in our area attend other LSC’s JO meets with different time standards. Pacific JOs time standards are significantly faster. Pacific has three JO meets throughout the year: winter, spring, and summer. RENO usually attends spring and summer JOs. This meet is a trials and finals meet and is open to swimmers 14-under. Winter and spring are short course; summer is long course. The meet location cycles through different locations in the Bay Area. 

Click here for the 2019 spring JO time standards.

Click here for the 2019 summer JO time standards.

Far Westerns

This is the top age group meet on the west coast. Swimmers from all over the country – but mostly the west coast – attend the meet. Often times, international all-star teams compete at Far Westerns. They hold this meet in the spring (short course) and summer (long course). The summer cuts are a little faster than the spring cuts. In 2019, RENO will only attend spring Far Westerns in Santa Clara, CA. The meet location cycles through different locations in the Bay Area.

Click here for the spring Far Westerns time standards.

Senior Time Standards:

Senior time standards are open to any age and the meets do not have age group divisions.

Western Zones Senior Championships

This is the first cut RENO focuses on for senior-level swimmers. The meet takes place once a year at the end of the summer (long course). Since its inception the meet has been located in Clovis, CA. It draws 1,000+ swimmers from multiple locations in the west coast.

Nevada/California Sectionals

Sectionals is the next time standard. There are three Sectional meets a year: winter and spring are short course and summer is long course. The meet is held throughout California and Las Vegas occasionally hosts it. Depending on the meet calendar, RENO’s attendance varies.


Futures cuts are slightly faster than Sectionals. The Futures meet is held once a year in the summer (long course). USA Swimming divided the country into 4 zones. RENO is located in the west zone. The location of the meet varies throughout the zone. In 2019, the meet will be held in Mt. Hood, Oregon.

Winter Junior Nationals

Winter Juniors is the top short course meet for 18-under swimmers. USA Swimming hosts two Junior Nationals – a west and an east – in December. This year’s meet will be in Federal Way, WA.

Summer Junior Nationals / Winter Senior Nationals

These two meets share the same time standard. There is only one Summer Junior Nationals and one Winter Nationals for the entire country. 

Summer National Championships

Outside of Olympic Trials, this is the fastest of the senior time standards. Often times this meet is used as a selection meet for Team USA for several international competitions. The meet location varies and it will take place in Palo Alto, CA in 2019. 

USA Olympic Trials

This is the top meet in America. It happens once every 4 years and it is used to select Team USA for the Olympics. In 2020, Olympic Trials will take place in Omaha. 

Click here for the 2019 short course senior time standards.

Click here for the 2019 long course senior time standards.

Click here for the 2020 Olympic Trials time standards.

If you are curious what your child's best times are you can access the times through the USA Swimming database by clicking here.

Each week, I will post the “Parent Education” section on the website.  Click here to read the archived articles.

Meet Schedule

Here are the upcoming meets for Reno Aquatic Club:

- March 3 – Zone All-Star Meet (those selected)

- March 13 – 15 – Pacific 14-Under JO Meet (Qualification times needed – talk with coach to see if swimmer should attend)

- March 23 – 24 – NNA Age Group Open / Reno, NV (Swimmers who don't have another meet in March or April)

- April 4 – 7 – Far Westerns / Santa Clara, CA (all qualified)

- April 12 – 14 – Folsom Spring Splash (long course) / Folsom, CA (talk with your child’s coach)

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. Thank you for your support.


Ryan Evans

Head Coach