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Masters Weekly Announcements Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Wednesday, February 13, 2019


1.  Words from Coach Mark
2.  Rose Bowl Masters Swim Meet Results 
3.  USMS 30 Minute Fitness Challenge    

FYI:  Workout Time Changes for this Weekend

Friday, February 15 – NO 9:00AM
Saturday, February 16 – 6:00AM ONLY
Sunday, February 17 – 6:00-7:30AM
Monday, February 18 – NO 9:00AM and NOON

Words from Coach Mark

3 Tips for Better Flip Turns

1.       Accelerate to the wall.
As you approach the wall, don’t slow your stroke rate or, even worse, glide into the wall. In either case, you will lose valuable momentum and time. Try to hold your stroke rate as you near the wall, increase your kicking speed and lengthen your neck on the final long stroke before tucking your head down for the flip. Avoid the short, choppy final stroke if you can. Carry that extra momentum through the turn.

2.       Look no higher than the bottom of the cross.
To judge the distance to the wall properly, you must look at some part of the wall. Otherwise the risk is too great of missing the wall, either too close or too far away. Don’t look straight into the black cross on the end of the pool before making the flip, lifting your head substantially and slowing yourself down. If you look only at the very bottom of the black cross to gain that perspective, rather than straight forward, the head lift is considerably less. This enables you to maintain more speed and momentum going into the flip.

3.       Don’t breathe while starting the flip.
In sprints, it is advisable to not take a breath on the last stroke or two going into the turn. In the 200 or longer events, a swimmer needs all of the oxygen he or she can get. So taking a breath on the final stroke approaching the wall is typical. However, some swimmers will take the breath and initiate the tumble at the same time, causing them to lose their perspective of where the wall is. Even if the breath is taken on the final stroke, make sure the head is back down before initiating the flip.

Practice – Practice – Practice –makes perfect!



Rose Bowl Masters Swim Meet Results

Meet Results


7 swimmers made Spring National Qualifying Times in 16 events. Congratulations Nadadores!

Alex Bea  (18-24)
1650 free - 21:26.05

Ray Borzone (55-59)
50 fly - 29.65

Cailyn Bugbee (30-34)
50 fly - 31.32
100 IM - 1:12.74
100 fly - 1:10.25

Patty Furukawa (45-49)
50 fly - 33.01
100 fly - 1:14.26
100 IM - 1:14.36

Mike Gibson (55-59)
100 breast - 1:14.26
200 breast - 2:44.30

Steve Gunnell (45-49)
200 back - 2:16.12
200 IM - 2:17.28
200 free - 2:01.32

Daniel Peralta (18-24)
50 fly - 26.14
100 fly - 56.81
100 breast - 1:07.62

Way to go Nadadores!!!



USMS Winter Fitness Challenge 30 Minute Swim

Nadadores – Here is a great way to have fun and donate to the swimming community.

On Sunday, February 24th at the 8:30am practice, with the amazing coach Jeff, we will be hosting the 30 Minute Winter Fitness Challenge sponsored by USMS.

The 30 minute fitness challenge is just part of the normal 1 1/2 hour workout that Jeff will provide. You don’t have to do anything special at practice. However you do need to sign up on the USMS site and register for the event. A large portion of the $12.00 will be donated the Swimming Saves Lives Foundation.

There is no better feeling than to get a great workout in and at the same time making a small donation to the swimming community.


Upcoming Swim Meets and Events


Caltech Pentathlon, Pasadena, CA - Sun, Mar 3rd

CVMM Matt Biondi SCY Masters Classic, Thousand Oaks, CA - Sun, Mar 17th

UCLA Short Course Yards, Los Angeles, CA - Sun, Apr 7th

USMS National Short Course Yards Championships, Mesa, AZ - Thu-Sun, Apr 25th-28th

Regional Championships, San Luis Obispo, CA - Fri-Sun, May 17th-19th







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