Langley Feb Meet Review

The Langley February Long Course Invitational was a great meet for our team as we prepare for SwimBC Championships meets in the next three weeks. We had 13 swimmers participate with everyone racing long course very well for this time of year, almost every race was either a best long course time or just over their best!

The biggest highlight was having three swimmers race to their first Western Canadian Championships time standards! Congratulations to Sidney, Olivia and Natalie! Natalie had a very fast 50m Freestyle, dropping half a second and finishing with a time of 29.03 under the 13 year old Westerns time standard! Both Sidney and Olivia had very strong 400m Individual Medleys to race to their Western times! Sidney took off over seven seconds to qualify in the 13 year old age group with a time of 5:29.24! Olivia also improved her best time by over seven seconds to finish with a 5:19.19 to qualify in the 15 year old age group!

We also had three more Western Canadian Championships time standards as both Quincy and Jessica added events to their meet schedule. Quincy raced to new time standards with her time of 29.41 in the 50m Butterfly and 1:06.50 in the 100m Butterfly, both under the 15 year old standards. Jessica added the 100m Butterfly to her list of 14 year old events with a time of 1:07.72.

Natalie added the 100m Freestyle to her SwimBC Provincial Championships events with a time of 1:05.29! Lucas, Jessica and Natalie all raced to Provincial times long course for the first time after having qualified short course in the past, a great sign for racing the events long course at SwimBC Provincial Championships in March!

After just qualifying for SwimBC Age Group Championships in January, Brooke had a great meet, getting under the time standards in the 100m Freestyle and 100m Backstroke for the first time! Meghan added the 200m Backstroke to her long list of qualified events at Age Groups, dropping 23 seconds off of her previous best long course time. All three of our SwimBC Age Group Championships swimmers, Meghan, Brooke and Emily, all raced really well long course as they set up for racing short course at Age Groups this weekend!

Quincy improved team records in all four of her events, the 100m and 200m Freestyle as well as the 50m and 100m Butterfly! Olivia lowered her record in the 400m IM and Josh also took off time in his 400m IM record! 

A few other big long course time drops. Sidney was her best 200m IM by four seconds. Meghan improved by four seconds in her 50m Butterfly and three seconds in the 50m Freestyle. Brooke took off four seconds in her 50m Freestyle and eight seconds in both her 100m Freestyle and 100m Backstroke. Emily dropped five seconds in her 100m Butterfly. And somehow Lucas has not swam a long course 50m Backstroke in four years, leading up to dropping 12 seconds in the event!  

100% Best Times 
Quincy B, Meghan H, Tyler W, Natalie Y

75+% Best Times 
Sidney C, Brooke J

New Team Records
14&under Girls 
400m Individual Medley - 5:19.19 - Olivia Jakeman (was Olivia Jakeman 5:26.54 2018)
100m Freestyle - 59.50 - Quincy Bender (was Quincy Bender 59.58 2019)
200m Freestyle - 2:09.58 - Quincy Bender (was Quincy Bender 2:10.41 2018)
50m Butterfly - 29.41 - Quincy Bender (was Morgan Bender 30.39 2018)
100m Butterfly - 1:06.50 - Quincy Bender (was Quincy Bender 1:07.52 2018)
14&under Boys
400m Individual Medley – 5:13.61 – Josh DeCoteau (was Josh DeCoteau 5:18.24 2018)

New Time Standards
Canadian Western Championships
Quincy Bender             50m Butterfly, 100m Butterfly
Sidney Clement           400m Individual Medley
Olivia Jakeman            400m Individual Medley
Jessica Strong              100m Butterfly
Natalie Yu                     50m Freestyle 
SwimBC Provincial Championships 
Lucas Ouellette           100m Backstroke 
Jessica Strong              50m Freestyle 
Natalie Yu                     100m Freestyle, 100m Backstroke
SwimBC Age Group Championships 
Meghan Haigh             200m Backstroke, 50m Freestyle 
Brooke Johannson       50m Freestyle, 100m Freestyle, 100m Backstroke 
Emily Jones                  100m Butterfly