February 22, 2019


We have some items of business that are coming up.

Tonight, February 22 in Carson is a Novice meet.  Carson will be hosting and the meet sheet is attached.

Sign up for the NNA Novice meet March 9th at Northwest Pool.  Meet sheet attached.

Everyone should have signed up for the NNA Age Group Open Meet March 23-24 at Northwest Pool.  Meet sheet attached.


High School Season for Nevada and California Schools will begin Monday February 25th.  All 4:00pm Northwest practices will begin at 4:15pm during high school season.  Caughlin club practices will remain unaffected.  I will update the practice schedule on the web site and I will send it out later today.


Lastly, we will be doing another team suit and equipment order.  Please let me know if you would like to order a suit, cap, fins, snorkle, etc.  


Thank you,