Update on City Budget & WCM Funding Remodel
As you know, team members and Board members have participated in City Council meetings regarding the proposed City budget proposal since April in efforts to keep Kerry as a city employee in a paid coach staff position and to retain funding for our assistant coaches.   In private meetings with City staff and council members, the message to us so far has been very firm that the City no longer wants to maintain coaches on the City payroll.  This coming Tuesday the City Council is scheduled to take final action to approve the City budget.

The apparent decision to drop our coaches from the City payroll has made all of us at some level feel angry, frustrated and sad.  We and the City recognize that the decision is less about the economics of pool cost recovery and more about the economics of reducing staff on the City payroll. 

If the City budget proposal is approved, our current arrangement with the City will continue through December 31 of this year.   Our Team Board has been considering what changes will be necessary as we move into 2011. We have done extensive research regarding funding models of other Masters teams and collecting information about pool fees at other local pools.  We have reviewed various future funding models that we believe would both provide fair compensation for our coaches and keep membership prices affordable.    At this time our aim is to keep Clarke Memorial Pool as our primary base for 2011. At the same time, we would like to expand to other pools in order to grow our team membership and dues base.   (We have a great foundation, no question!) 

If the City adopts the budget proposal the Board is confident that we can successfully own our team and keep it whole as we move into 2011.   Imagine WCM as a newer, shinier and brighter version of the great team it already is! Of course, we are all in this together, and some changes will be inevitable.   In the near future, we will ask you to weigh in with your opinions regarding various pricing models and alternative payment methods.   Also, expect that at some point an announcement for  trial workouts at one or two new facilities.

We will continue to keep team members informed of new developments.  In the meantime, if you have any questions please feel free to ask any of the Team Board Members.