EBAT makes waves at Del Valle 3/4 mile open water swim!

EBAT made a stellar appearance at Tri Valley's Open Water Swim last weekend.  This was the biggest group we've ever taken to an open water swim.  20 EBAT swimmers participated.  Robbie Brandt, Pat Brown, Allyssa Chew, Anthony Chew, Andrew Choi, Andrew Dysico, Jelly Dysico, Maja Harren, Jason Corbett, Gabe McDermott, Kate Miller, Carson Sand, Mitchell Sweetman, Miles Teague, Megan Wallace, Olivia Wallace, Gabbi White, Kyler White, Amanda Zen, and RC Zen all swam the 3/4 mile race.  It was a beautiful day and all the swimmers had a great time.  Special congrats go to the 6 EBAT swimmers who won medals for their age group.  3rd place finishers included Allyssa Chew in the 17-18 women's age group, Pat Brown in the 15-16 men's age group, and Carson Sand in the 11-12 men's age group.  2nd place finishers included Miles Teague in the 13-14 men's age group and Olivia Wallace in the 11-12 women's age group.  Our one and only 1st place finisher went to Jason Corbett who won the men's 17-18 division!  Geat job to all! 

Coach Mark