RENO Team Partners
Swim 4 Funds - We Met Our Goal!!!

Hello Reno Aquatic Club, 

Wow!  A huge thank you for your participation in our annual Swim4Fund$ fundraiser. Our swimmers collectively swam 197,625 yards or 112.29 miles… in one hour! And we exceeded our fundraising goal, raising $12,328!  Reno Aquatic Club is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and a portion of our operating budget comes from this important fundraiser.  

A special congratulations to the Orange Group for winning both intrasquad Swim4Fund$ competitions: 

  • “Highest participation rate,” with 72% of Orange group swimmers raising funds and 
  • “Most money raised,” raising $4237.50 

The Orange Group swimmers will get to design a practice and enjoy a pizza party served by the coaches.  Coach Melanie will follow up with this group with the date/practice when this will take place.  

Thank you again for your support.  Go Reno! 

Torrey & Damon