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Champs Recap

Champs Season - Whew!  Always blows by so fast!  And the kids were so fast!

Numbers wise - our kiddos earned 67% lifetime bests.  That is not easy to do!  We all know best times can be very elusive!  Sometimes they come out of nowhere when least expected, sometimes everything seems perfect and they just are not there.  Any best time is a good swim (god bless those kids who are still disappointed after a best time - lets keep working towards whatever it is they are wanting to do).  Every kid regardless of age, natural ability or work ethic is 100% more capable than they believe they are - tapping into that belief system may be my largest goal as a coach!

The details - the amount of team records broken kinda blew me away.  Some were new athletes this season, some were athletes resetting their own records (10 plus seconds in any race over a year is a GOOOOOOD drop), some are odd records (mixed relays for one).  But the bottomline of a record is they are set in order to get broken.  Hopefully again and again!  So for those record setters, enjoy the moment because I am using those as new goals for you and those coming in behind you!

I was not personally at the 8&Under meet but let me tell you Coach Oscar was braggin away on the kids during the meet!  The youngest set is sometimes the most exciting in that we start to see what kids can do - what do they love, and hate, where do they come to life, what is their natural skillset and how can we hone it?  Love our littlest swimmers!

Our 9-14 year old meet had way more ups than downs!  Coach Kam sang the shark dooooodooooo whatever song to our frowning kids and I believe that did help (I may have made some cry more with my tears are ok but lets move on attitude).  We had some big drops, some kinda drops, and some no drops - this is the game we play.  Our kids are extraordinary teammates to each other, and to other teams as well - it is such a pleasure to see the kindness in them!  And watching them navigate the ups and downs, well, this momma bear is proud they are getting it!  

Some fun details - we had a alot of wins!  Gonna give those kids some spotlight time - partly for them but also for their teammates - I fully believe when one kid sees another kids grab some success they get to choose if they use it as a reason to chase dreams or give up - Im pushing for chase the dream!  Our 13-14 Boys Medley Relay won, Alexander Dharbal, Nathan Brewer, Bryson Wylie and Brody Johnson were super fun to watch crush the heat (especially in their pink caps!).  Anna Lundquist won the 500 Free!  Ella Mao took the gold in 100 Fly and 400 IM!  Caitlyn Feely swept the 50, 100 and 200 backstrokes.  Kenzie Nash decided to race a BOY in her mixed heat of 1000 Free - she won for the girls and attained her first A time after which she signed up for not one, but two time trials claiming her 2nd and 3rd A times qualifying for the big kid champs the following weekend!  Bryson Wylie and Alexander Dharbal also got to their 3 A times!!

Then we had the biggest kid Champs meet (15&Over and qualified 13-14s).  Never a disappointing group of kids!   We had a mix of objectives - for some we were swimming all best events, for others who swam through the high school season we chose to swim more off events (since some best events are a bit stale and off events need to be raced, too).  I am super pleased with how they did!  There is always something to learn and work on for the next season but I do believe they should all be proud of themselves and hopefully hungry to dig back in next week.  Some fun highlights - Taryn Kooyers got her first Sectionals time, HOORAY!  Our 15&Over ladies won their Medley relay and afterwards I realized we have a legitimate Sectionals relay with all four girls having the individual cut in their stroke - a happy moment!  And as many know we are a high school group very able in the short freestyle events (4 of our 5 current first sectionals times were made in the 50 free, 5 of 7 if we are counting Parker Kam last year) - Sammy Wittmer and Jordan Hennig both won the 50 Free - this is fun (but not necessarily surprising!).  And the big kids had the opportunity to swim 50s of back, breast and fly - always VERY fun for the oldest set - Jordan took the 50 fly, too.  Again, I love watching their successes in the pool, and helping when the disappointment needs adjusting, but one of my favorite parts of this meet was the olders (15&Ups) helping out our 13-14s (Alexander, Bryson and Kenzie) navigate and feel a bit more comfortable as they went from being the fastest in one weekend to getting beat up on again the next weekend by bigger, older, faster kids! 

Lessons learned:

Be a good teammate, dream a good dream,  and keep chasing those that are faster!

Thank you to all of our parents!! I believe I can speak for our whole staff in saying it is an honor to get to work with your kids in a sport that is fun, family-oriented, and can teach some great life skills!