Swim Ohana Partners/Sponsors
Team Photo


A fun-filled week we have had and we are not done just yet (Missy Franklin tomorrow!).

Monday we took our team photo - a secret scheme to get a team photo Coach Kelly needed for Coach Kam and Coach Oscar's birthday gift this week.  Hopefully you all got to see the framed photo with the kids notes of "Why I Love Coach..." we worked on at the team meeting!  The bonus is you all get a team photo no charge - much thanks to Coach Kelly for coordinating their celebration!  Just left click the photo to save the image on your device.

Additionally, Red Top Bakery helped us with the cheesecake bites - so very yummy!  They are one of our team sponsors and we are looking forward to their Silent Auction donation for Casino Night May 4th.  They are a swim family and we encourage you to support their new bakery on Louetta - in front of Spring Creek Forest by Chill and Curves.