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RENO News - 3/25/19

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Although it is Washoe County’s spring break, our practice schedule will remain the same for the next two weeks. Please read through this email for important Reno Aquatic Club news.

Alexia-Taylor Arredondo Signs with UNLV

A big congratulations to Reno Aquatic Club's Alexia Taylor-Arredondo for commiting to UNLV. Alexia will begin school and swimming with the Rebels in the fall of 2019. She has been a member of RENO since she was 9, and is the defending High School Regional Champion in the 50 freestyle. Alexia will be graduating from Spanish Springs High School in June. Way to go and best of luck, Alexia!

NNA Meet

Congratulations to all the swimmers who participated in the NNA meet over the weekend! Every single swimmer got at least one best time. The coaching staff was very happy with the performances, and it was a great opportunity to get some racing in. It was also fun for many of the swimmers to participate in relays. Congratulations for the following swimmers for a great weekend:

7-8 Girls

  • Madeline Shelton

7-8 Boys

  • William Dinette
  • Matthew Zheng

9-10 Girls

  • Avery Jakubos
  • Teagan Langer
  • Maddy O’Mara
  • Kalia Ream
  • Amaia Usabiaga
  • Sofia Valunta

9-10 Boys

  • JP Crawford

11-12 Girls

  • Gabi Brittain
  • Addison Clark
  • Amelia Giambastiiani
  • Lena Minnetto
  • Bella Pflieger
  • Cassie Whitehouse

11-12 Boys

  • Preston Penrose

13-up Girls

  • Abby O’Mara
  • Maddi Simpson

13-up Boys

  • Dom Brittain
  • Ethan Daniels
  • Ian Lyda
  • Shawn Zhou 

A big thanks to all the parents for registering your child and getting them to the meet. In addition, thank you to those who timed and served as officials. Swim meets would not happen without the support from you – thanks so much!

Click here for the full results

Folsom Meet

The Folsom meet is scheduled for April 12 – 14. Registration should be available to RENO swimmers at the end of this week. As soon as I learn it is open, I will send an email to the team. 

The process for registration for this meet gives priority registration to the host team. They then open it up to all Sierra Nevada teams for a few days. After that, they will open it up to outside teams. Due to this, the meet tends to fill-up very quickly and often times we aren’t able to register for the Friday distance events. If you are planning on going, please register as soon as you receive my email stating it is open. 

Parent Education

“Our children become the message they hear the most” – John O’Sullivan, Changing the Game Project.

In a recent article, O’Sullivan cited research that an average person says between 300 to 1,000 words a minute to themselves. Imagine how an athlete would perform if those words were positive (“I can do this.”) rather than negative (“I am just going to disappoint everyone again.”).

The messages given to the athlete by coaches and/or parents becomes the voice inside the athlete’s head. “It is either a positive, affirming message that allows them to breathe easier, relax, and perform up to the level of their training, or makes them tense and tells them that they are a disappointment and a failure.”

The power of positive self-talk sets our athletes up for success. We can create a culture of positive self-talk, “simply by being aware of the messages we are sending them, and being intentional about sending the right ones.”

In O’Sullivan’s article, he outlines five great messages that athletes need to hear the most. In this week’s Parent Education, I will discuss the first two messages:

“I love watching you play”

“Our children should never think that our love of them depends upon the outcome of a competition. If we get upset, sad or angry when they lose, our kids see that and perform worse. Regardless of whether they win or lose, whether they play well or poorly, after competition tell them ‘I love watching you play’ (or in our case, “I love watching you swim.”). That’s it. These simple words help remove fear of failure and expectations of success, which is a paralyzer for many young athletes.

The Power of Yet.

This deals with individuals who have a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset. Those with a growth mindset consistently outperform those with a fixed mindset, according to Stanford Researcher Carol Dweck. 

“Fixed mindset athletes believe their abilities are fixed and that effort and application mean nothing. [Athletes with a growth mindset] know that their abilities can be changed with effort and practice. I may not be good YET, but I can be.”

Dweck has found that a fixed mindset occurs when we praise children for outcomes (you are a winner) instead of praising the process (you are a hard worker). 

“Help keep the focus on the process of improvement by praising the process and the effort, and your athletes are more likely to perform better.”

Next week, I will address the last three messages from the article. In the meantime, click here to read the entire Changing the Game Project article.

Each week, I will post the “Parent Education” section on the website.   Click here to read the archived articles.

Meet Schedule

Here are the upcoming meets for Reno Aquatic Club:

- April 4 – 7 – Far Westerns / Santa Clara, CA (all qualified)

- April 12 – 14 – Folsom Spring Splash (long course) / Folsom, CA (talk with your child’s coach)

- May 24 – 26 – Intermountain Classic (long course) / Carson City (all)

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. Thank you for your support.


Ryan Evans

Head Coach