Weekly Mailer


Swim Families, last Sunday night we had our Annual Spaghetti Feed Fundraiser at American Canyon High School.  WHAT A HUGH SUCCESS!!!!!  A Big Shout out to the Marlene, MJ, Beth, Heidi, Ed, Andrea & the Cheng family for all the food preparation. A special thanks to Jennifer Matteo, Beth Raymond & Gigi Sapida for setting the entire event up, making the reservations and getting the donations for prizes. Thank you to Dom & Phil our music and B I N G O hosts. A "sweet" thank you to all our bakers who took the time to create tasty and beautiful desserts - super yummy!  Last, but certainly not least, a JOB WELL DONE to all our 12 and over swimmers who took orders and served food last night. 

On behalf of the entire VJO Board and our Coaches we thank you for reaching deep into your pockets last Sunday to play BINGO. I am excited to share with you that the entire evening raised over $1,500. 

Thank you to everyone for making our Spaghetti Feed a success! It takes a village ....and we certainly have a great village!

Tamara Kawashiri, VJO President


This Thursday is our last Hot Chocolate Night for the season! Please make sure to bring a snacks or item to share for Hot Chocolate Night this week.  Our parents will be grilling and putting together a Nacho Bar for our swimmers this week. If you would like to help bring something for the Nacho Bar please contact our HCN Coordinator, Marlene Clement at [email protected]   
Cups & Lids 8 oz (smart & final ) *** STILL LOW***
Boats & Bowels (of all sizes)
Gallon Ziploc Bags
On the following Saturdays we will be having long course practices. Most Saturday Long Course practice will be open to all groups This Saturday March 30th is ONLY open to the Senior, Junior 2 and Junior Groupers. This practice is a meet prep practice geared toward our qualified Far Western swimmers.
Saturday March 30th 7:30-9:30am (Senior, Junior 2 & Junior Grps ONLY)
Saturday April 6th (All Groups)
H1/H2 7-8am
LS/MS 7-8:30am
SR/JR2/JR 7-9am
Saturday April 20th 7-9am  (All Groups)
H1/H2 7-8am
LS/MS 7-8:30am
SR/JR2/JR 7-9am
Saturday May 11th 7-9am  (All Groups )
H1/H2 7-8am
LS/MS 7-8:30am
SR/JR2/JR 7-9am
Saturday May 25th 7-9am  (All Groups)
H1/H2 7-8am
LS/MS 7-8:30am
SR/JR2/JR 7-9am
Saturday June 15th 7-9am (SR, JR2, JR Grps ONLY)
**Dual Meet for H1/H2/LS/MS Groups 9am-1pm**
APRIL 12-14TH 2019 
DEADLINE : Wednesay, April 3rd 2019
The Westside Aquaducks Long Course C/B/A+ Meet on April 12-14 is NOW OPEN FOR ENTRIES. This will be our first long course meet of the season, so the meet will fill up fast. Please get signed up ASAP. This meet is recommended for all VJO swimmers.
LOCATION: Petaluma Swim Center, 900 East Washington Street, Petaluma, CA 94952
TIME: Friday - Arrive at 3:30 for warm-ups. Meet starts at 5pm
           Saturday - Arrive at 7:15am. Warm-ups at 7:30am. Meet starts at 9am
           Sunday - Arrive at 7:15am. Warm-ups at 7:30am. Meet starts at 9am
Hammerheads 1 & 2: Please talk to your coach before entering this meet. Your coach will advise you as to which events your child is ready to swim. Please do not enter events that your child is not ready to swim. This is a long course meet, so events are 50m and 100 m long (there are no 25’s offered).
Senior /Junior 2 Groupers: All Senior and Junior 2 Groupers are swimming the 200 back at this meet. make sure you get signed up for this event.
April 4-7th 2019
Santa Clara International Swim Center
The 2019 Spring Far Western Championships will be held April 4-7 at the Santa Clara International Swim Center. This is a qualifying meet. All swimmers must meet  Far Western  time standard to enter. This is a Prelims/Finals meet, so the top 20 swimmers will come back again in the afternoon to compete again for points.
ENTRIES: This is a team entry meet. Coach Jennifer will be entring all our swimmers
LOCATION: George Haines International Swim Center, 2625 Patricia Drive, Santa Clara CA, 95051
TIME:  Arrive at 7:00am each day. We will get in as a team to warm-up at 7:30am. The meet will begin at 9:00 AM each day.  Warm-ups for Finals shall start one hour prior to the start of Finals. Championship and Consolation Finals shall start no sooner than 1 hour after the finish of the preliminary session including distance timed finals.
The 10 & Under Championships Meet is NOW OPEN ONLINE for ENTRIES. The meet will be held on Saturday, April 20th in Sunnyvale CA.  This is a qualifying meet. All 10 & Unders most have achieved the qualifying time standard to enter. 
ENTRY DEADLINE: Wednesday, April 10th at 11:59pm
LOCATION: Sunnyvale Swim Complex @ Fremont High School, 1279 Sunnyvale Saratoga Rd, Sunnyvale, CA 94087
TIME: Arrive at 7:00am, Warm-up with team at 7:15am. Meet will start at 8:30am.
TIME STANDARDS: (time standard sheets are also attached)
6&Unders:  must have achieved a Pacific Swimming 8-UN “B” Time (
7-8 Year Olds: must have achieved a Pacific Swimming 8-UN “A” Time (
9-10 Year Olds: must have achieved the “BB” time in the event per the 2017-2020 USA Swimming Motivational Time Standards (
RELAYS: There will be relays at this meet. Our coaches will enter as many relays as possible. Relays depend on the number of VJO swimmers entered.
EVENTS: Swimmers may compete in 4 individual events and up to two relays total.
Please talk to your coach if you have questions about the 10 & Under Champs
April 27th-28th 2019
The Napa Valley Swim Team Long Course Meet is NOW OPEN ONLINE for ENTRIES. The Napa Long Course Meet will be held on April 27-28th at the Napa Valley College Pool.
THIS MEET IS OPTIONAL  -  This is an optional meet for our all swimmers.  We understand that many of our swimmers are already attending Far Westerns, Westside LC Meet or 10&Under Champs. However, the long course season is short and we only have 4 long course meets total. We are opening up this meet to our swimmers as another meet option if you are unable to attend one of our other Long Course meets.  It is NOT a requirement to attend this meet.  Please DO NOT attend this meet if you child is planning to attend 10& Under Champs the weekend before.
DEADLINE: Wednesday, April17th 2019
TIME: Please arrive at 7:15am each day. Warm-ups will start at 7:30am and the meet will start at 9:00am each day.
LOCATION: Napa Valley College. 2277 Napa-Vallejo Hwy., Napa, CA
EVENTS: Please speak with your coach if you have questions about what events to enter.
Hammerheads 1 & 2:  Talk to your coach before entering events. Only enter events your swimmer is ready for. Hammerheads MAY NOT enter any breaststoke or butterfly events without prior approval from your coach. 
JR2 & SR Group: The event of the meet is 200 fly. All JR2 and SR swimmers should be entering the 200 fly at this meet.
Mar 28            - Shark Pride Day (All Groups 5-6:30pm)
Mar 28            - Last Hot Chocolate Night
April 4-7         - Far Western Champs (Qualifying Meet, Santa Clara)
April 6             - Saturday Long Course Practice (All Groups, 7-9am)
April 12-14     - Westside Long Course C/B/A Meet (All Groups, Petaluma) ***OPEN***
April 17           - TCAL High School League Championships (HS swimmers)
April 20          - 10 & Under Championships (Sunnyvale, CA) ***OPEN***
April 20           - Saturday Long Course Practice (All Groups, 7-9:30am)
April 25           - Shark Pride Day (All Groups 5-7pm)
April 26-27      - VVAL & DAL High School League Championships (HS swimmers)
April 27-28     - NAPA Long Course C/B/A Meet (All Groups, Napa Valley College) ***OPEN***
May 3-4         - North Coast Section High School Championships (Qualifying HS)
May 5            - SR Walk On Meet (SR Grp ONLY, location TBA)
May 7             - Mandatory General Membership/Parent Meeting (6:00-7:30pm, Portables)***ADDED***
                                 JR / JR2 / SR Practice          4-6pm
                                 H1 / H2 / LS / MS Practice    6-7:30pm
May 10-11     - High School State Championships (Qualifying HS, Clovis)
May 11           - Long Course Morning Practice (All Groups, 7-9am)
May 17-19      - VJO Long Course C/B/A Meet (All Groups, Cunningham Pool)
May 20           - NO PRACTICE (Meet Recovery day)
May 25           - Long Course Morning Practice (All Groups, 7-9am)
May 27           - NO PRACTICE (Memorial Day)
May 30           - Shark Pride Day (All Groups 5-7pm)
June 6-9         - Summer Sanders LC Senior Meet (Qualifying SR Group, Roseville)
June 12           - First Day of LC Morning Practice (M/W/F 6:45-9am)
June 15          - Short Course Dual Meet ( H1,H2, LS, MK Grps, TBA)
June 15           - JR & SR Group Long Course Practice (7-9am)
June 22-23     - NAPA Long Course C/B/A Meet (All Groups, Napa Valley College)
June 27           - Shark Pride Day (All Groups 5-7pm)
June 29           - VJO Annual Pool Party & Alumni Reunion (12-5pm, Cunningham Pool)
July 4th           -  Vallejo 4th of July Parade
July 10           - Team Picture Day ([email protected]:30pm, Team [email protected])
July 12-14      - Junior Olympic Championships 14&Un (Qualifying Meet, Concord)
July 19-21       - Ukiah Dolphins Short Course Meet & Camping (All Groups, Ukiah)
July 19-22       - Speedo CA/NV Sectional Championships (Qualifying SR, Santa Clarita)
July 26             - Shark Pride Day (All Groups 5-7pm)
July 25-28        - Far Western Championships (Qualifying, Moraga)
July 29- Aug 1 - REAL SPIRIT WEEK (combined practice times)
Aug 2-4          - REAL Summer Championships (All Groups, Petaluma)
Aug 5-18         - Team Break (two weeks)
Aug 19            - First Day of Fall Practice