Weekly Mailer
Coach Aaron Stepping Down from Hammerheads 
Coach Aaron will be stepping down from Hammerheads to take on a more full time role with GVRD. His last day coaching with us will be Monday, April 29th. He will still be around the pool and will be sub coaching with us from time to time. College student and past VJO swimmer, Chris Toledo will be taking over Hammerheads 1 and 2 Groups June 1st. In the meantime, Coach Daniel will be stepping in to take Hammerheads until Chris gets back from college.
Coach Sophie Stepping Down from Junior and Leopard Sharks
Coach Sophie will be stepping down from coaching both Junior and Leopard Sharks groups to start up her own swim lesson program.  Her last day with us will be Sunday, April 28th at the Napa Meet. You will still be seeing Coach Sophie around the pool and she will be staying with us as a sub coach.  Coach Maureen will be taking over the Junior Group and Coach Jennifer will be taking over the Leopard Shark Group.
We wish Coach Aaron and Coach Sophie the best of luck in their new adventures and look forward to seeing them around the pool.  Thank you for all that you have done for our swimmers!
Starting May 1st Coach Maureen will be taking over the Junior Group and the Mako Group. Coach Jennifer will be taking over the Leopard Shark Group. Coach Daniel will be taking over the Hammerhead 1 & 2 Groups.
Coaching Change Starting May 1st
Hammerheads 1 – Coach Daniel (Coach Chris starting on June 1st)
Hammerheads 2 – Coach Daniel (Coach Chris starting on June 1st)
Leopard Sharks – Coach Jennifer
Mako Group       – Coach Maureen
Junior Group      – Coach Maureen
Junior 2 Group   – Coach Jennifer & Coach Brendan
Senior Group      – Coach Jennifer
Masters               – Coach Brendan   

If your family has any questions about any of these coaching changes, please feel free to reach out to me or any of our coaching staff or board members.

The following Swim Meet Information has been taken out of our "VJO Parent Handbook" and is good reminder to all our swimming families new and old. If you ever have questions about swim meets or other VJO information, please feel free to speak to your coach or any VJO board member. Coaches are on the pool deck 15 minutes prior to practice and 15 minutes after to answer your questions. If needed, you can also schedule a meeting with any of our coaches outside of practice time.
Arrive at Meet On Time – The meet arrival time will be specified by the VJO coaching staff.
Report to Check-in Table - Swimmers must report to the check-in table and check in for all events entered. If there are any problems during check-in or possible mistakes made with entry forms, discuss the matter with your coach, so corrective action can be taken immediately.
Check In with Your Coach – Make sure to check in with your coach, so they know you have arrived at the meet. If your coach is not present, check in with you specified meet coach.
VJO Coaching Staff will Oversee Warm-ups - A member of the Vallejo Aquatic Club coaching staff will oversee warm-ups. Parents are not allowed behind the blocks during warm-ups. Some meets may even have closed decks.
Mandatory to Wear Team Suit/Team Cap - It is mandatory for VJO swimmers to wear the team suit and team cap at all meets. All other team apparel is recommended; however, wearing the complete team uniform promotes team unity and greatly aids spectator recognition.
• Know Your Events - All swimmers should know which events they are swimming before warm-ups and be present to swim each event. Most swimmers write their events, heats and lanes on their hand with a sharpie.
• Sit in Team Area - All VJO swimmers need to be sitting in the designated VJO team area of the pool. This helps to prevent our swimmers from missing events and allows the VJO coaching staff to find swimmers if needed.
• Check in With Your Coach Before Each Race - Prior to each event each swimmer must check in with their coach.
• Getting Your Time - At most meets, electronic timing is used. The official time is generally the one recorded in the computer by the swimmer touching the wall and appearing on the scoreboard.
• Check in With Your Coach After Each Race - At the conclusion of each race, the swimmer should ask the lane timers for their stopwatch time. The swimmer should then come IMMEDIATELY to the coaching staff.  This gives the coaches an opportunity to discuss the race with each swimmer and add positive and constructive comments concerning splits, stroke technique, race strategy, etc.
• Warm-up & Warm-down - Before and after races, swimmers should warm up and warm down in the designated warm-up/ warm- down area. Ask your coach for specifics. In between races, swimmers are also asked to rest and stay warm. All energy should be saved and used for competition.
• Check Out With Coach Prior To Leaving Meet - It is very important that swimmers check with the coaching staff prior to leaving any meet. This makes certain that swimmers are not entered on a relay or in additional events.  
• VJO team swimsuit (plus extra suit)
• VJO team swim cap (plus extra cap)
• Goggles, plus extra pair
• Towels (one for each race & warm-ups = 4 towels)
• Swim parka or other warm coat on colder days
• Old blanket or sleeping bag
• Quiet games or books
• Food - nutritious snacks
• Water bottle (stay hydrated)
• Rain gear/sunblock if necessary
• Chair
• When you wear the VJO team uniform, remember that your actions reflect on the entire team. Let your actions reflect the pride you have in the Vallejo Aquatic Club!
• For safety purposes, swimmers and parents should stay out of the competition area during a meet unless swimming or serving in an official capacity. Keeping off the deck is also a matter of courtesy to the swimmers, officials and meet host. We want to make sure swimmers can get to their events.
• All questions swimmers and parents have regarding meet results, an officiating call, or the conduct of an individual, will be referred to the VJO coaching staff ONLY. The VJO coaching staff will pursue the matter through the proper channels.
• As a matter of pride, VJO families should leave the team area and the pool in a neat and clean condition at the conclusion of each day of a meet.
• VJO swimmers are never to scratch or “late enter” an event without consulting with their coach first.
• After a swimmer is finished with his/her races for the day, they must notify a coach if they wish to leave the meet.
We want to remind all our swimmers and families that team suits and team caps are mandatory at all meet. This does mean for meet warm-ups and all races. We are a team!
You can order a team suit and other team gear at any time. Just take an order form down to Making Waves Swim Shop in Walnut Creek and place an order today. Make sure you try on a team suit first. Order forms for team suits, team parka's and team gear are attached below. Order Forms can also be found on our team website and at the pool.  For team caps, see any of our VJO coaches (Latex- $5, Silicone - $12).
*** VJO Team Suits are required at ALL SWIM MEETS***
On the following Saturdays we will be having long course practices. All groups are welcome to join us for these practices. We recommend joining us for these long course swims in order to help better prepare you for our upcoming long course meets.
Saturday April 20th 7-9am  (All Groups)
H1/H2 7-8am
LS/MS 7-8:30am
SR/JR2/JR 7-9am
Saturday May 11th 7-9am  (All Groups )
H1/H2 7-8am
LS/MS 7-8:30am
SR/JR2/JR 7-9am
Saturday May 25th 7-9am  (All Groups)
H1/H2 7-8am
LS/MS 7-8:30am
SR/JR2/JR 7-9am
Saturday June 15th 7-9am (SR, JR2, JR Grps ONLY)
**Dual Meet for H1/H2/LS/MS Groups 9am-1pm**
Tuesday, May 7th
Portable Building (707 Heartwood Ave)
The Spring VJO General Membership Meeting (Parent Meeting) will be held on Tuesday May 7th from 6-7:30pm in the Portable Buildings next to the pool.  Drinks and snacks will be provided.  This meeting is mandatory for ALL PARENTS to attend. We will be discussing important items like team policies, budget and fundraising.   A detailed agenda will be sent out before the meeting. There will be a combined practice on this day.
Important Topics:
Favaro Scholarship Update
Volunteer Hours Update
VJO Treasury Report/ Budget (How is VJO doing?)
Summer Event/Meet Schedule
Ukiah Camping Information 
Upcoming May Long Course Meet
Upcoming June Dual Meet
May Meet Job Sign ups
Shark-A-Thon - Sat Aug 24th 2019
Grant/Sponsorship Updates
Becoming a Team Sponsor
There will be a special combined practice schedule on this day. The Junior, Junior2 and Senior Groups will swim from 4-6pm, before the General Membership Meeting. The Hammerhead 1, Hammerhead 2, Leopard and Mako Groups will swim from 6-7:30pm during the General Membership Meeting.
JR / JR2 / SR Practice          4-6pm
H1 / H2 / LS / MS Practice    6-7:30pm
VJO Goes Rock Climbing at ROCKZILLA
Join us on Saturday May 11th from 1-3pm for Rock Climbing at Rockzilla in Napa. Flyers have been placed in family file folders and extras can be found at the pool.
WHEN: Saturday May 11th 2019
WHERE: Rockzilla, Napa
COST: $15 /climber (normally $22)
RSVP: Please RSVP by MAY 1st to Jenn Matteo at [email protected]
            (we need 30 climbers to get discounted rate)
The 10 & Under Championships Meet is CLOSED for entries. The meet will be held on Saturday, April 20th in Sunnyvale CA.  This is a qualifying meet. All 10 & Unders most have achieved the qualifying time standard to enter. 
LOCATION: Sunnyvale Swim Complex @ Fremont High School, 1279 Sunnyvale Saratoga Rd, Sunnyvale, CA 94087
TIME: Arrive at 7:00am, Warm-up with team at 7:15am. Meet will start at 8:30am.
TIME STANDARDS: (time standard sheets are also attached)
6&Unders:  must have achieved a Pacific Swimming 8-UN “B” Time (
7-8 Year Olds: must have achieved a Pacific Swimming 8-UN “A” Time (
9-10 Year Olds: must have achieved the “BB” time in the event per the 2017-2020 USA Swimming Motivational Time Standards (
RELAYS: There will be relays at this meet. Our coaches have entered one 10 & Under girls relay and one 10& Under Boys relay. 
April 27th-28th 2019
The Napa Valley Swim Team Long Course Meet is CLOSED for entries. The Napa Long Course Meet will be held on April 27-28th at the Napa Valley College Pool.
TIME: Please arrive at 7:15am each day. Warm-ups will start at 7:30am and the meet will start at 9:00am each day.
LOCATION: Napa Valley College. 2277 Napa-Vallejo Hwy., Napa, CA
May 17th-19th 2019
Our home VJO Long Course Meet is NOW OPEN ONLINE for ENTRIES. This meet will be held at our very own Cunningham Pool. All VJO swimmers are encouraged to enter this meet. This is our team designated meet for the month of May. Please remember that we need ALL FAMILIES to help to make our home meets a success. 10 volunteer hours are required for each family.
TIME: Please arrive at 7:15am each day. Warm-ups will start at 7:30am and the meet will start at 9:00am each day. Remember parking is limited, so arrive early for better parking
LOCATION: Cunningham Aquatics Complex (801 Heartwood Ave Vallejo)
EVENTS: Please speak with your coach if you have questions about what events to enter.
Hammerheads 1 & 2:  Talk to your coach before entering events. Only enter events your swimmer is ready for. Hammerheads MAY NOT enter any breaststoke or butterfly events without prior approval from your coach. 
JR2 & SR Group: The event of the meet is 800 free (fri night). All JR2 and SR swimmers should be entering the 800 free at this meet.
April 20          - 10 & Under Championships (Sunnyvale, CA) 
April 20           - Saturday Long Course Practice (All Groups @7am)
7-8am       - H1 &H2 Groups (Coach Aaron)
7-8:30am  - LS & MS Groups (Coach Maureen)
7-9am       - JR/JR2/SR Groups (Coach Brendan)
April 25           - Shark Pride Day (All Groups 5-7pm)
April 26-27      - VVAL & DAL High School League Championships (HS swimmers)
April 27-28     - NAPA Long Course C/B/A Meet (All Groups, Napa Valley College) 
May 3-4         - North Coast Section High School Championships (Qualifying HS)
May 5            - SR Walk On Meet (SR Grp ONLY, location TBA)
May 7             - Mandatory General Membership/Parent Meeting (6:00-7:30pm, Portables)
                                 JR / JR2 / SR Practice          4-6pm
                                 H1 / H2 / LS / MS Practice    6-7:30pm
May 10-11     - High School State Championships (Qualifying HS, Clovis)
May 11           - Long Course Morning Practice (All Groups, 7-9am)
May 11           - VJO Goes Rock Climbing at Rockzilla (1-3pm, Napa) 
May 17-19      - VJO Long Course C/B/A Meet (All Groups, Cunningham Pool)***OPEN***
May 20           - NO PRACTICE (Meet Recovery day)
May 25           - Long Course Morning Practice (All Groups, 7-9am)
May 27           - NO PRACTICE (Memorial Day)
May 30           - Shark Pride Day (All Groups 5-7pm)
June 6-9         - Summer Sanders LC Senior Meet (Qualifying SR Group, Roseville)
June 12           - First Day of LC Morning Practice (M/W/F 6:45-9am)
June 15          - Short Course Dual Meet ( H1,H2, LS, MK Grps, TBA)
June 15           - JR & SR Group Long Course Practice (7-9am)
June 22-23     - NAPA Long Course C/B/A Meet (All Groups, Napa Valley College)
June 27           - Shark Pride Day (All Groups 5-7pm)
June 29           - VJO Annual Pool Party & Alumni Reunion (12-5pm, Cunningham Pool)
July 4th           -  Vallejo 4th of July Parade
July 10           - Team Picture Day ([email protected]:30pm, Team [email protected])
July 12-14      - Junior Olympic Championships 14&Un (Qualifying Meet, Concord)
July 19-21       - Ukiah Dolphins Short Course Meet & Camping (All Groups, Ukiah)
July 19-22       - Speedo CA/NV Sectional Championships (Qualifying SR, Santa Clarita)
July 26             - Shark Pride Day (All Groups 5-7pm)
July 25-28        - Far Western Championships (Qualifying, Moraga)
July 29- Aug 1 - REAL SPIRIT WEEK (combined practice times)
Aug 2-4          - REAL Summer Championships (All Groups, Petaluma)
Aug 5-18         - Team Break (two weeks)
Aug 19            - First Day of Fall Practice