Schedule and Personalized Caps

Hey Lake Sharks,

Just an update on the last team email that was sent out. The schedule is now finalized. The deadline for ordering personalized caps is approaching! Please order by April 22nd.

Finalized 2019 Practice and Meet Schedule: 

Personalized Caps: $15 per cap
Two years ago we did the personalized caps and by popular demand we are going to offer them again.
For those that are unfamiliar, for each imprint, there is a two cap minimum. Therefore, it is more economical to put your last name on the cap, instead of each child's first name.
Also, I always seem to have extra latex caps so I'm going to offer a $5 discount per swimmer that gets a personalized silicone cap in lieu of a latex cap.
Less waste, more recognizable swimmers.
Examples of applying discount:
2 swimmers and 2 personalized caps: $20 ($15 cap+$15 cap-$5 swimmer-$5 swimmer)
1 swimmer and 2 personalized caps: $25 ($15 cap + $15 Cap - $5 swimmer)
To order personalized caps, venmo or paypal me directly. In the memo put the name or names you'd like on the caps and the quantity. 
Jace's Venmo: @West-Kandle 
Jace's Paypal: [email protected]
Suit update:
I'm currently talking with two vendors on securing our suit. With both vendors, the plan is to offer last year's suit as well as a similar suit this year. Speedo has limited remaining quantities of last year's suit but the whole reason we selected it last year was because we thought we'd be able to have the same style for two years.
No matter the suit we select, there always seems to be a limited supply of sizes 22-26, so if your child is that size, they will likely need to get the new style if getting a new suit.
Depending on how the vendor works, we will either have a fitting day or we will have samples here to try on at your leisure, before ordering.