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RENO News - 4/15/19

I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed some warmer weather. Please be sure to read through this week’s email for important Reno Aquatic Club news.

RENO Banquet – April 26

The annual Reno Aquatic Club awards banquet is set for the evening of Friday, April 26. I encourage all RENO families to attend and celebrate a great year of swimming.

The banquet will take place at the Mandalay Ballroom in Circus Circus with food catered by the Eldorado. Doors open at 6:30 PM and dinner will be served at 7:00 PM. The cost is $15 for adults and $10 for children under 12.

Click here to RSVP for the banquet.

Folsom Meet

Reno Aquatic Club had a great meet at the Sierra Marlins Spring Splash in Folsom, CA! It was a weekend of fast swimming and fun. A big thank you to Coach Melanie for the outstanding coaching throughout the weekend.

Also, thank you to all the parents for taking your child to the meet, volunteering to time and officiate, and being supportive of your child’s swimming.

The meet was full of best times and new time standards. It was also the kick-off to long course racing and it set the team up well for a great summer season. Here’s how the RENO swimmers performed:

Amaya Aramini – 4 out of 7 best times

Jack Armbrectht – 100% best times

Addi Clark – 100% best times

James Dale – 100% best times

Matthew Dale – 100% best times

Amelia Giambastiiani – 100% best times

Hailey Hassell – 4 out of 5 best times

Reese Hollinger – Best time in the 200 IM

Avery Jakubos – 100% best times and first Pacific JO cut in the 400 free

Mallory Jennings – Solid racing while rehabbing from knee surgery

Emma Karam – Best time in the 100 free

Julia Kennedy – 2 out of 3 best times

Marni Kraemer – 100% best times and new Far Western cut in the 200 free

Teagan Langer – 100% best times

Lauren Leverty – 100% best times

Sam Lindley – 100% best times

Ella Palmer – 7 out of 9 best times

Preston Penrose – 6 out of 7 best times

Aidan Pflieger – 6 out of 9 best times

Bella Pflieger – 7 out of 10 best times

Lucy Platz – 100% best times

Kalia Ream – 100% best times

Keira Scott – 100% best times

Maddi Simpson – 100% best times

Amaia Usabiaga – 100% best times

Way to go, RENO!

Top Ten Updates

Another meet… another update to RENO’s Top-10 Lists. Congratulations to the following swimmers for earning a spot in the top-10 times in Reno Aquatic Club's history:

Avery Jakubos – 5th in 9-10 Girls for the 400m free. In addition, Avery’s 500 free from the NNA meet in March ranked her 7th for 9-10 Girls

Emma Karam – 10th in 13-14 Girls 100m free

Click here for view RENO’s top-10 times

Officials Clinic

On the evening of May 21, there will be a clinic for those interested in becoming a swim official. The clinic will take place in Reno. You do not need any prior swim experience to become an official.

Many of our team’s officials are parents of older swimmers who will be graduating high school soon. Therefore, we need parents of our younger swimmers to become officials. Swim meets would not happen without officials, so please consider attending this clinic.

Thank you very much to the parents who are currently officials. We greatly appreciate it!

Click here for more information on the clinic

High School Swimming

Stay current on the latest high school results and rankings by visiting the Nevada high school swim website.  Click here to access the website.

Parent Education

Over the last year, I have been really happy with how RENO has improved as a team – in and out of the water. Being at swim meets the last two weekends, I have noticed an increase in swimmers cheering and being supportive of their teammates. I have also observed our parents doing a great job encouraging their swimmers and stepping up to volunteer when needed.

Is the team perfect? No. Is there room for improvement? Of course! But every practice and every meet, we continue to trend in the right direction. 

To be a successful swim team, you need the coaches, swimmers, and parents all working together to try and improve the team. A parent’s role as a “teammate” is crucial in having success in this sport. I am thankful that RENO has an outstanding group of parents that play the parent-teammate role appropriately.

TrueSport has done a good job defining how a parent-teammate should and should not act. Here’s an excerpt from their article, “The Parent’s Role as a Teammate”:

“The athlete’s job is clear. They are there to work hard, have fun, learn, and grow. The coach’s job is also straightforward. He or she is the leader, organizer, and teacher. It’s their role to develop the athletes and design a safe and effective plan for the season.

So where exactly does that leave you, the parent? 

Chauffeur? Fan? Financier? Support network? What is the very best way for you to support the coach, your athlete, and their teammates?


  • Supports their athlete unconditionally
  • Helps the coach or officials when asked
  • Leaves the coaching to the coach
  • Focuses on cheering for the things players do well
  • Lets the experience be the athlete’s
  • Keeps their emotions under control


  • Overemphasize winning, championships, or a career in sports
  • Rush their athlete through into more serious training before they are ready
  • Use the car ride home to do an in-depth game analysis
  • Undermine or override the coach’s decisions
  • Look for things to criticize
  • Get involved in practice without being asked
  • Drink alcohol before or during their child’s athletic events

Being a good teammate to your child requires patience, self-control, and a clear focus on your athlete’s best interest. Before enrolling your child in a sport program, ask yourself if you are ready to take a step back and embrace a more hands-off role as a “sideline teammate” to your child.” – TrueSport

Each week, I will post the “Parent Education” section on the website.  Click here to read the archived articles.

Meet Schedule

Here are the upcoming meets for Reno Aquatic Club:

- May 12 – RENO Walk-On Meet – UNR (all 13 and older swimmers)

- May 24 – 26 – Intermountain Classic (long course) / Carson City (all)

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. Thank you for your support.


Ryan Evans

Head Coach