Westerns Review

Our team took a huge step forward at this year’s Western Canadian Championships in Edmonton. Morgan, Quincy and Jessica all improved their rankings from last year’s Westerns. Sidney and Olivia raced at their first Western Championships. As a team we placed 33rd overall this year, after placing 50th last season. We also placed 19th in the women’s team rankings after finishing 43rd last year. The year before we did not score any points, so we are figuring out how to race at big meets. It is a tough skill to step up against the fastest swimmers in our half of the country with everyone entered with their best times which were all great performances to qualify for the meet. Best time percentages are low for all swimmers at this level. Overall female swimmers raced to just 21% best times in preliminaries at a meet where they are all focused on performing. So it’s important to keep this in perspective when looking at results, it’s a different situation stepping up against top competition where it is tough to get second swims and you are only racing your very best events.

Quincy had a very strong meet, scoring points in all six of her freestyle events! Quincy finished 7th overall in both the 50m Freestyle and 800m Freestyle. 8th overall in the 400m Freestyle, 9th in the 200m Freestyle, 10th in the 1500m Freestyle and 11th in the 200m Freestyle. Quincy had an incredible race in the 100m Freestyle consolation finals sprinting to a time of 58.62 which qualifies her to swim the event at this year’s Canadian Junior Championships and next years Canadian Olympic Trials! Her second 50 split was 30.05 and one of our main goals has been to break 30 seconds on the way back in her 100 so it was a great second 50. Quincy also had a fantastic swim in the heats of her 400m Freestyle, where she was entered 24th overall and needed a big swim to move up for a spot in the finals and she moved up 16 places to 8th overall to qualify for the A finals! She took off three seconds from her entry time in the heats and improved her time again in finals. Quincy had a great 800m Freestyle, improving her entry time and finishing 7th overall. In the 50m Freestyle Quincy did a fantastic job in finals to also finish 7th. She really stepped up against the top swimmers in Western Canada and had a busy event schedule racing in finals each day of the meet.

Jessica qualified for the A final in the 50m Breaststroke, an event that is senior seeded so there is no 15&under age group in finals. She finished as the top 14&under swimmer at the meet in the event and placed 10th overall. Jessica also raced in finals in the 100m Breaststroke, just missing her best time by .15. These were Jessica’s first second swims at Westerns and she is in a great position to have a really successful meet next year when she is at the top of the 15&over age group.

Olivia had a very exciting swim off in the 100m Butterfly, improving her time in the head to head showdown which happens whenever two swimmers in the last final spot or an alternate position are tied. Olivia was so close to making a second swim in both of her events, the 400m Individual Medley and 100m Butterfly which was great for her first time racing at the meet.

Sidney was also racing at her first Westerns and started the meet with a strong 200m Breaststroke. Qualifying in four events is great for a 13 year old and she gained valuable experience for her next time at the meet.

Morgan had a great leadoff in the 4x100m Freestyle relay, racing to a best time of 1:00.48! She was also very strong in her 50m Freestyle, moving up 8 spots to 25th overall, just outside a finals swim.

Our team moved up the rankings in all three relay events! Morgan, Quincy, Olivia and Jessica improved our entry time by over two seconds in the 4x100m Freestyle Relay. Quincy, Sidney, Olivia and Morgan took off nine seconds in the 4x200m Freestyle Relay. Olivia, Jessica, Quincy and Morgan raced in our 4x100m Medley Relay. As our team gets older we will continue to move up the relay rankings as our 15&under swimmers were racing against top 16&overs.

For the rest of the season our team will be focused on long course racing. All of Swim Canada’s meet standards must be met in a long course pool so our goal will be to get as many qualifying times for this summer (Canadian Junior Championships and Canadian Senior Championships) and next year (Canadian Western Championships and Canadian Olympic Trials) as we can. Long course racing is a little different and takes the right balance of easy speed from technique and speed from effort with stroke rate and kicks to keep your speed up. This time of year swimmers are set up to swim as fast as possible since they already have eight months of training behind them. This year’s Westerns was another step forward for our team and we aim to build on this to keep moving up the rankings against other teams in our province and across the country!

Team Records

15&over Girls
100m Freestyle – 58.62 – Quincy Bender (was Quincy Bender 59.28 2019)
400m Freestyle – 4:34.66 – Quincy Bender (was Quincy Bender 4:38.30 2019)
800m Freestyle – 9:30.70 – Quincy Bender (was Quincy Bender 9:31.82 2019)

New Time Standards

Canadian Trials, Canadian Junior Championships
Quincy Bender            100m Freestyle