RENO Team Partners
Dive In and Buy a Block!

RENO Families: 

Starting blocks are an essential piece of swimming equipment.  The starting blocks that our team uses are in extremely poor condition as they have been around for decades - yes, decades!  Reno Aquatic Club would like to purchase new starting blocks which will be used at Northwest Pool and Idlewild Pool.  The starting blocks will be custom made with our team logo appearing on the platform of the block.  See the design below.

Like many swimming needs, starting blocks are not inexpensive.  In fact, one starting block costs approximately $2775.00, and we are hoping to purchase eight blocks.  This is a large expense, but a necessary one that will benefit our swimmers greatly.  Due to the cost, we are asking for donations to purchase these new starting blocks.  We are hoping to purchase these starting blocks before our team hosted summer meet - The Reno Gamble - June 21-23. 

Any person wishing to donate a block will have an engraved plaque which will be attached to the block identifying the donor.  Any person simply wishing to donate to the purchase, can do so by clicking here.  

We are excited for the future of our club, and give many thanks to anyone wishing to donate as we continue developing champions in life through excellence in swimming! 

Please contact me with any questions. 

Christine Aramini 


RENO Board of Directors