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Volunteer Updates and Job Subs Needed!!
Hello Stingray families,
First, thank you to all of those who have signed up to take on set-up/take down, stroke and turn, and Core positions!  If you have signed up as such, please see the list at the end of the email to verify your position.  For those of you not signed up into one of these positions, please make sure to log into the Stingrays website and sign up to volunteer during our home/away swim meets. Just a reminder all families who did not buyout (or are not listed as set-up/Core/Stroke and Turn) need to fulfill 30 hours (6 swim meets) and 2 Social Volunteer Positions in order to fulfill your Volunteer obligations. 
Second, we need to hire responsible 16 year and older job substitutes.  If you have responsible older teens who are interested in making easy money, have them sign up to be a job substitute!  Pay is $50 per home meet and $55 per away meet.  They must be able to use a stopwatch as a lane timer from 8am to 1pm for Saturday meets or 3:30-8:30 for Wednesday evening meets.  These teenagers could be family, friends, or neighbors.  Email Cyndee at or text her at 510-407-5282 if you have any interested workers!  Job subs will be posted on our website (with their cell number) and paid directbly by the family hiring them.  
Thank you all!
Cyndee, Volunteer Coordinator
Confirmed lead volunteers for the 2019 swim season (see you all May 18th!):



Head: Sara Randolph (Contact with questions:

  • David Osada
  • Byron Barnes
  • Jeremy Throne
  • Nicole Damean/Joe Barton



  • Head: 
  • Martin Cerruti
  • Brandon Fade
  • Ross Randolph
  • Ken Yarnell
  • Janelle Mincy (contact with questions:
  • Tom Mincy



Meet Director (MD), Brooke King (contact with questions:

  • Ribbons Coordinator (Reports to MD) – Jennefer Haight
  • Invitational Coordinator (Reports to President) - Kathleen Sauter
  • Head Setup and Takedown (Reports to MD) - Sara Randolph
  • Starter (Reports to MD) – Josh Smith
  • Announcer (Reports to MD) – Geoff Cagnon
  • Data Entry (2 positions/Reports to MD): Allison Caragan and John Kelly
  • Colorado Timer (Reports to MD) – Nicholas Rambo
  • Colorado/Data Entry Reliever:  Magdalena Pieracki
  • Head Stroke and Turn (Reports to MD) –



·      President – Janelle Mincy

·      Vice President – Gabe Salindong

·      Meet Director – Brooke King

·      League Representative – Anna Fade

·      Membership Director – Jennifer Smith

·      Communications Director – Jill and Duane Magno

·      Social Director – Debrah Lecair

·      Secretary – Tanja Kopper

·      Treasurer – Victor Vitale

·      Volunteer Coordinator - Cyndee Bogard

·      Fundraising Coordinator - Chris Ambrose 

Thank you all!