Coaches can always check their USA Swimming Club Portal for athletes registration/times and for non athlete registrations.

Swimmers registered for 2009 (Updated 8/1/9)

Swimmers registered for 2010 (Updated 11/20/9)

These athletes are registered for the 2009 season. If you are not on this list you may NOT swim at workouts nor enter (swim) USA swim meets beginning 1/1/9.

Seasonal swimmers are listed on this list - it is the TEAMS responsibly to know if their swimmer is a year round swimmer or a seasonal swimmer.

WHEN IN DOUBT check your USA Club Portal - it has all this information.


Non-athletes registered for 2009 (8/1/2009) These Non-athletes are allowed to coach/officiate ( as indicated), if not listed they may not participate in USA Swimming meets nor be the solo coach at workouts. If you are listed as OTHER you may not coach at meets nor coach without a legal coach on deck with you.

Non-athletes registered for 2010 (11/20/9)

Registered Coaches for 2009 (12/1/2009)

Registered Coaches for 2010 (12/1/2009)

Clubs Registered for 2009 (6/24/2009) Clubs not listed may not participate in USA swim meets and may NOT hold any USA swimming workout until the club is registered. You are not covered by any insurance beginning 1/1/9


Clubs registered for 2010 (11/20/9)