Summer Special - 2019


 In the summer, we offer a chance for swimmers to get started with CAST and train and compete in the summer.

Please see the flyer HERE for information. (summer league meet schedule to be out prior to June 1).

Information on group levels:

If you're new to swim teams, you're going to be placed with our novice or Junior level. If you have a couple of years of team experience, you may be placed in higher levels. Levels 1-2-3 range from proficient at all strokes to very strong "age group" swimmers. Level 4 and 5 are for high school and beyond swimmers with a solid competitive swimming background. group levels are determined by tryout, or verification of times if the swimmer has previous competitive experience.

This flyer is more specific to High School Swimmers who are new to CAST and looking to train and/or compete ofver the summer.

For questions e-mail coach Dave here.