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NewsSplash 5/12/19

We hope you've had a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there!!!  Please see below for important information about team suits, family folders, and volunteer information.

Team Suits

  • Team suits that were ordered during the first window have arrived!  Stingrays Vice President Gabe Salindong will be at the pool to distribute suits during the following times this coming week:
    • Monday: 4:00-5:30
    • Wednesday: 4:45-5:30
    • Thursday: 4:45-5:45

Family Folders

  • Each Stingray family has their own folder located in a rolling cart near corner of the pool (where the two sides of the grass meet up).  Please check the file folder regularly for important information and announcements.  A day or two after swim meets, awards/ribbons will also be placed in the family folders.  Your picture order forms are now in the family folders.  Please complete the order form and enclose the exact amount for the desired package and bring the envelope with payment to Time Trials to turn in to the photographer.  The photographer does not carry change for picture orders.  When the photos are ready, they will be placed in your family folder.

Volunteer Information

  • One timer position is open for Time Trials on May 18th (next Saturday).  If you are interested in the position, please sign up as soon as possible!
  • At every home and away meet, all volunteers need to check in at the timing area (behind the starting block/lane line).

Last Chance to Order Team Suits

  • The second order window for team suits closes tonight!!!  Order your suit ASAP.  These suits should arrive mid to late June.