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Senior 2 / JO Team Travel

Hi All,

This summer, swimmers from the National and Senior groups will be attending the Senior 2 Trials and Finals meet in Walnut Creek or the 14-under JOs in Concord. These meets take place the same weekend (July 12 – 14) and the pools are just a couple of miles apart. 

Logistically, we can do team travel for both meets. Both groups can travel together to and from Reno, stay at the same hotel, and then Coach Melanie will take the JO swimmers and I will take the Senior 2 swimmers to their respective meets. 

I’d like to gauge interest in this meet being team travel. If you could let me know if you would be interested or not interested by Thursday, May 16th, I would greatly appreciate it. The total cost for team travel would be dependent on how many go, but I estimate the cost would fall between $350 - $500 per swimmer for hotel and transportation. 

These meets do require qualifying standards. Here are the swimmers from the National and Senior groups who have the standards for each meet. (Please note: all the JO swimmers have the Senior 2 time standards, but we want to take all 14-unders to JOs):


  • Amaya Aramini
  • Addison Crain
  • Julia Kennedy
  • Reese Hollinger
  • Ella Palmer
  • Lucy Platz

Senior 2

  • Julie Abrigonde
  • Elena Aramini
  • Jack Armbrecht
  • Katelyn Buono
  • Lydia Dyer
  • Mallory Jennings
  • Emma Karam
  • Sam Lindley
  • Nathan McAlister
  • David McLean
  • Aidan Pflieger
  • Alexia Taylor-Arredondo
  • Claire Trevithick
  • Nicole Van Geel

Click here for the Senior 2 time standards 

Click here for the JO time standards

Thank you!