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Masters Weekly News Thursday, May 16, 2019


Thursday, May 16, 2019


Saturday & Sunday Workout Time Change this Weekend
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Words from Coach Mark
Summer Nationals at Mission


Swim USMS Nationals? ...Sounds Like Fun! ...Why Not?


Almost all Masters Swimmers are unsure about signing up for their first national level meet. When they decide to swim in a national meet, they find that their fears are largely unfounded.

Here are some common concerns and questions swimmers typically have when thinking about swimming in their first national meet.

Am I fast enough to swim a national meet?  
Yes. Absolutely. Everyone can swim up to three events without making the qualifying time. Many people do this. We’ve  had many swimmers in the past try their first national meet here at Mission in 2005 and 2013.  Some had only one or two qualifying times and swam three others for a total of five events, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Some scored and some didn’t a score single point but all were able to swim relays and help the team score points.

What if I don’t think I’m fast enough to score any points in my events?  
You may be surprised to find that you can score points just by finishing a race. Some races don’t have many people sign up to swim them. Also, events in the afternoon of the last day of the meet tend to have a lot of people who signed up for the event decide not to swim it.

Even if you don’t score a single point in your individual events, you can still score points by participating in relays. Relays score twice as many points as individual events, and, very often, relays score points just by finishing the race legally.

Isn’t a national meet just for serious competitors?  
Some of the swimmers at national meets take the competition very seriously; however, most of the swimmers attend for the social aspects of the meet. It is a lot of fun meeting swimmers from different parts of the country and connecting with swimming friends you haven’t seen for a while. Some swimmers attend in order to achieve their own personal goals. 

If I don’t have a qualifying time for the meet, what time do I use?   You can use your times from other meets or a time you’ve swam in practice to enter the national meet. Remember that three of the times don’t need to meet the qualifying standard, so it’s okay to enter a time that is slower than the qualifying standard. Just don’t enter “no time” or NT. It’s better to estimate what your time might be. If I don’t have a qualifying time, won’t all of the other people in my heat be much faster than me? The national meets are mostly seeded by time within each age group.

So, for example, most of the 35-39 year-old men swim together in heats arranged in order from slowest to fastest. However, there are heats of mixed age groups where people have similar times. This is great because no one gets left behind.



Make sure to enter the max events that you qualify and select the rleays you what to swim.  We need eveyweone on relays!!!



Meet Sponsorships

We are coming down to our deadline for meet sponsorships for the National Championship Meet Program. I know I have spoke to many of you regarding placing an ad in the meet program.

NOW is the time to act. We have a June 20 deadline.

Please send your information to me ASAP.

Here is the form you need to fill out and return.




MVN Long Course Meet
Sunday, June 2, 2019 


Registration Is OPEN – Great time to see how fast you are and to swim your favorite events and team up with your friends for a few relays.     



Job Sign Up is OPEN




Upcoming Swim Meets and Team Events

MVN Long Course Meet  -  Sunday, June 2, 2019


UCLA Masters Long Course Meters – Sunday, June 23                     


Santa Barbara Long Course Meters – Sat/Sun, June 28-29


The Patrick Moore Memorial Relay – Sunday, July 2        


2019 USMS Summer Nationals – Mission Viejo
Wednesday-Sunday, August 7-11





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