Weekend Schedule Changes & SPA & Rec Meet Info

Hi All,

Lots going on...I will keep this as brief as possible.

Rec Meet

We will hold another Rec Meet at BSAC this Saturday. Registration will begin at 11:00am with the meet starting around 11:45am. This meet is perfect for swimmers in Novice through to the swimmers in Bronze not attending the SPA meet this weekend. These meets are fun and do not take up the whole day. As a coach, I truly enjoy watching these events. It’s great to have the younger and newer swimmers become aware of their newly developed skills as they see their times drop. We hope you will join us at the pool.

Practices Cancelled at BSAC Friday PM & Saturday AM

We will not hold any practices Friday afternoon or Saturday morning due to our participation in the SPA meet (more on that below) and the home Rec meet. We will hold Friday morning workouts. For those swimming in the meet Saturday & Sunday, but not Friday, feel free to come in the morning tomorrow for some smooth swimming. We run a workout from 5:15am to 7:00am. Many of our morning swimmers come at 6:00am for an hour. That would be appropriate for people swimming in the SPA meet, with the exception of those competing Friday night.

If your scheduled power pulley day is tomorrow and you are swimming in the meet, still come. The strength component is more important than the first meet of the season.

SPA Meet

We will have our first meet of the long course season this weekend. The entire staff is excited to see how our swimmers have adapted to our early season aerobic and technical work. We are looking for incredible back halfs by our swimmers. That means the gap between the first half and the second half should be close, identical or even negative split. We are also looking for technical advance with an emphasis on underwaters, kicking and finishes.

Important Links:

Heat Sheet 2 Columns     

Heat Sheet 3 Columns   


Psych Sheet

Meet Info


Warm ups


Friday May 17, 2019

Warm-up        11 & Older 3:30pm to 4:30pm

10 & Under 4:30pm to 4:50pm

Saturday & Sunday, May 18 & 19, 2019

Warm-up 13 & Older 6:30am to 7:50am

Warm-up for 12 & Unders for 35 minutes -

Following #24 on Saturday-Start 40 minutes following #24 0n Saturday     

Following #64 on Sunday-Start 40 minutes following #64 on Sunday

The Timeline has the morning session finishing at 11:24 on Saturday and 11:36 on Sunday. The meet may run faster or slower, but let's be ready to get in at 11:20 each day unless otherwise communicated. Please check the timeline. If your child’s first swim is more than one (1) hour from the start of the meet, come to the pool when the meet starts.

What To Bring

SPA does have covered seating for parents. If our tent brigade could bring some tents for the kids, that would be appreciated. Make sure that the swimmers have plenty of dry towels, healthy food and drinks and, as always, a positive attitude.

Let’s Have Fun

We work hard each and every day. Meets like these, especially so early in the season, should be enjoyed. I know our age groupers and seniors have barely scratched the surface of their upper energy zone work. That’s OK. As mentioned earlier, we like to see swimmers work on the back halves first, the mid section of the swim mid season and the front end speed comes later in the season. If we get personal bests, great. If we meet the goal of the meet (back halves and technical gains) without best times, that’s fine as well. We want to focus on the process now, so we can be outcome oriented at the season’s end. Let’s see how many great back halves we see this weekend!

See you at the pool - Rich