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NewsSplash 5/16/2019: Otters Invitational, Spirit Wear Update, Time Trials Info

Hello Stingrays Families!

Spirit Wear Update

  • Some families have been asking if Spirit Wear will be available by Time Trials.  We are not quite there yet but we will let you know when it arrives and can be picked up.

8 and Unders Otters' Invitational: Sunday June 9th, 2019

  • The Otters 8 and Unders Invitational is a fast and fun way for the younger swimmers to get some early meet experience under their belt.  Since there are no older swimmers, the meet moves fast and is usually completed by ~11:00.   
  • As this is an invitational, there are separate registration fees that families are responsible for paying if they choose to sign up their swimmer. There is a $4 "splash fee" (registration fee per swimmer) along with $4 fee for each event swum.  There are also separate volunteer requirements for each participating family (whether you have bought out of regular volunteer requirements or not) and these will be assigned and emailed to you the night before the meet.     
  • Here is an online link to the registration form.  Forms are also available on deck in the Invitational Binder.
  • Please fill out the registration form and place it, along with cash or check, in an envelope.  Turn the envelope in to the Invitational Binder, which should be with the Family Folders, by Thursday, May 23rd.
  • The meet starts at 8:30 and takes place at Rankin Aquatic Center, 100 Buckley street, Martinez .  Gate opening times will be emailed out closer to the meet. 

Time Trials Information    

  • It's hard to believe but our first meet will be in 2 days!
  • Unless you are directly involved with meet set up, do not enter through the side gate.  Instead, you must line up at the main entrance and wait until the lifeguards open the front door.  Doors will open at 7:30am.  
  • For Time Trials only, your family may set up camp anywhere on the grass.  For the remainder of the home swim meets, please set up on the longer grass behind the pool.  The side grass is reserved for the visiting team.  
  • It will be cold so make sure your swimmer has warm and dry clothes to wear.  Bring a tarp or waterproof blanket, chairs, tents, etc as the grass will be wet. Bring many towels (one for each event swum) as the towels will stay cold and wet all morning.  
  • Team T-shirts will be passed out first thing in the morning.  The team T-shirts will be worn over their suits for the team photo.  Individual and buddy  pictures will take place after team photos and the majority of swimmers wear their team suits for their individual/buddy photo.  If you do not have a team suit, dark blue or black suits also work well.  IF it is raining hard, team photos may have to be rescheduled, but for now, it looks like the rain is not supposed to be here until after lunch.  We will let you know if there are a change of plans. 
  • The meet will begin immediately after photos are complete.
  • Volunteers:  Please check in with Cyndee Bogard by 8:00AM.  She will be poolside and will look official with her clipboard in hand :).
  • For the 8 and Unders, as in previous years, please make sure you deliver your swimmer to the coaches/junior coaches on time.  The coaches will help to organize the younger swimmers, but they do not have time to hunt through the crowd to find your swimmer.  Pay attention--about 15 minutes before the younger swimmers are due to swim, the coaches will begin shepharding them on the side of the pool to organize them (the side without the starting blocks).  Deliver your swimmer to the coaches on time (15 minutes ahead of their scheduled swim) if they are signed up to swim that event.  
  • It is the parents' and swimmer's responsibility to get to the starting block on time for 9 and Ups.  Meets do not stop to wait for a swimmer to show up so make sure you know where your swimmer is at!   
  • Whipt Owner, and the Stingrays own, Krizy Osada will be selling refreshments!! She will have coffee, breakfast items, and baked goods.  Yay--we have food for sale this year!!!!
  • The Meet Sheet will be emailed out once it is available, likely Friday evening.  The Meet Sheet will tell you exactly what, when, and where your swimmer will be swimming.  It is helpful to print out a meet sheet for your personal use so you can highlight your swimmer's events.