Water Log Summer 2010


The AmberJax would like to bid a fond farewell to Coach Allen as he and his family are moving out west this summer. Coach Allen has been the Head Coach at our Cecil Pool since the beginning of the team and we are sad to lose him. We are excited however to announce the coaches Chris George and Axie Phillips are already in place and we expect big things from our Cecil team.


Meet Wrap Ups

Our 2010 LC season is well underway and we had two more exciting meets this last week. Our first was the Ohio Valley Championship Meet in Louisville KY and the other was the Daytona Beach Swimming Summer Meet.


The OVC meet is a long standing USA Swimming Tradition with the 2010 Meet being the 82nd consecutive meet. In the last three years however, it had become an AmberJax tradition that we are thrilled to have. Every year we combine that meet with a week long training trip that gives us exposure to different teams, pools and colleges. It’s a great way for the team to grow together and the 2010 trip was a special one.


We began the week with a practice at EHS on Saturday June 5th from 5:30 to 7:00am followed immediately by a bus ride to Atlanta . Our first stop was Golden Corral (again a tradition that makes the boys so happy even if we have less than enthusiastic support from the girls) and then on to Stone Mountain . We had our traditional climb/race up the mountain with Ana Marie Bistrow claiming the win this year. Some team pictures, a ride down on the tram and time in the park. Many of our kids tried out the “Sky Hiker” a high ropes like adventure and then we all grabbed dinner. After dinner, the laser light show and off to bed.

We started Sunday with and hour of drylands in a parking lot and a quick breakfast. We drove from Stone Mountain to Six Flags and enjoyed a day on the roller coasters. From there, we hit Chattanooga TN where we spent the night.


Monday morning was a distance practice in a town pool and off to a day of white water rafting. Our guides on the rafting trip encouraged us to “ride the bull” which meant sitting on the bow of the raft and facing some of the rivers toughest challenges. From there we went to Baylor Prep school and had a two hour practice with their team. After practice, our super hungry team ate dinner and we were off to Bowling Green , KY.


Tuesday started with a sprint practice in a beautiful local pool. After breakfast, we headed to Western Kentucky University where we met the coach and toured the facilities. From there we hit Mammoth Caves and saw some of the very best formations that the Cave has to offer. After the Cave, we drove to Elizabeth Town KY only to find the pool there broken and the team had a much celebrated evening off.  We used this extra time celebrate 2 birthdays, Blake Ehlers (18) and Peyton Hull (16).


Wednesday started with a drive to Lexington KY where we practiced in the UK pool and got a chance to meet their Head Coach. After lunch in the dining hall, some of the team got an opportunity to tour the basketball facilities. We left Lexington and drove to Louisville where we were anxious to settle into the hotel for more than only one night. We had a quick warm up swim at the Lakeside facility and then back to the hotel for the night.


Thursday through Saturday were the days of the meet. The highlights are below but in general, there were two very special aspects of it. The first is the pool itself. Originally a rock quarry, the whole lake is surrounded by beautiful old rock faced cliffs. The long course pool is actually a fraction of a facility which also includes two different short course pools, a baby pool, and even rafting, horseplay, water basketball, water volleyball and diving areas. The second real highlight is how our team responded to the venue. Our performance was way faster than it should have been (given the focus and schedule of the trip) and our team spirit was the best at the meet by a long shot.  At one point there was a single swimmer from another tem in the 200 fly consol final and the entrie AmberJax team jumped up and ran behind his lane to cheer him on.


Sunday morning was a rare opportunity for the team to sleep in. We eventually awoke and went to Churchill Downs for breakfast and some horse racing. From there, we drove to Nashville TN for a practice in the Tracy Caulkins pool and one more bus ride to Atlanta Georgia .


Monday morning saw us practicing at the Dynamo Swim Center and then off to a meeting with the Georgia Tech coaches and tour of their pool. After lunch on campus, we headed home to the first coast arriving in Jacksonville about 8:00pm .


The trip was an overwhelming success on many levels but what really made it special was hearing how the team loved it:


 When we first got there Kevin insisted that we went on the biggest rollercoaster (goliath) first. I didn’t really want to and I was really scared but I didn’t tell anyone and I acted like i was fine with it. So we got to the ride and there wasn’t much of a line so we got right on. Well the beginning of goliath is the hill up to the top and that’s when I really started freaking out and panicking to Kevin and Christina who were sitting next to me. I didn’t want to be there at all. Once we reached the top I freaked out the most but then we started going down the drop. And I started screaming. EXCEPT i was screaming because it was so fun and i put my hands up in the air and forgot all about being scared. Christina and I had so much fun on that ride that at the end when we were waiting to get off we decided that it gave us natural highs. It was definitely the highlight of 6 flags and probably one of my highlights of the entire trip. Another highlight was when we were white water rafting and at the beginning Kevin and Tina were freaking out and they thought they were going to die, but then we got to the first rapid and they LOVED it just like I did when we rode the rollercoaster. I loved the rafting too, I just wasn’t scared at first because I had been before and I knew how much fun it was. Ok well those are 2 of my best memories I hope they help! Thanks again SOOOO much!  From Elizabeth


The highlight of the whole trip for me was climbing Stone Mountain , and finishing. (thanks coach mike for crossing the finish line with me)
my favorite part was a few things...1.) Loosing Cari's shoes on the roller coaster,  2.) White water rafting.(Benji falling outta the boat) 3.) Having the best 3 room mates ever!!!!! Finally the swim meet was a great one for all of us. Overall the trip was a blast! thanks to all the coaches and fellow AmberJax for making this such an awesome time for everyone!  From

The most hilarious memory of Kentucky was when we went white water rafting and we all rode the bull and flew off!  The most challenging part of Kentucky was when we went to Baylor and swam with their team... It was really tough at first but we all swam and kept pace. One of my favorite memories was when we went to six flags and rode all the rides and Kevin and I had to walk up a small hill and took a break because of how exhausted we were. Another great memory was at the lazer light show with Tori Elizabeth and ebb and we watched a bunch of families around us teach their little kids to dance. One other great memory was in our hotel room seeing the glowing blob on the ceiling with Caroline and shelly and freaking out that something horrible was happening!
From Christina

Ok, my favorite part of the week was the meet because we get to swim 
with people we never get to swim with and we get to meet people from 
all over the country. Another one of my favorite parts was going to UK  
and seeing all the basketball stuff. Oh my goodness! It was also a 
great experience seeing the colleges and being able to talk to the 
coaches there. Lastly, white water rafting was so much fun! It was fun 
being able to swim in the river and our guide took us to this creek 
that was tucked away and it was like nature to perfection.

Thanks for letting me go even with my condition. I know, at least for 
me, it got really annoying about when I had to get out and stretch and 
stuff. But I was so happy I could go and be able to experience a great 
tradition of the AmberJax team. I'm really excited and encouraged 
about how this summer is going to turn out.
Thanks again,
Ana Marie Bistrow

Meet Wrap Up

31 of the 34 AmberJax in the meet had life time bests.

New Records
Shelly Craddock 15-16 Girls 100 Free
Marilyn Rowell 15-16 Girls 100 and 200 Breast
Jaimee Gillmore 15-16 Girls 200 IM
Jack Munoz 9-10 Boys 100 Free
William Walker 13-14 Boys 200 and 400 Free
Shrimpy Harrington 15-16 Boys 100 Back
Blake Ehlers, Alex Brown, Shrimpy Harrington and Clay Sones
Boys 200 Free Relay
Shrimpy Harrington, Wil Friedman, Alex Brown and Blake Ehlers
Boys 200 Medley Relay

New Time Standards

            JO Times
Chris Dingfield 100 and 200 Free, 200 Fly
Luke Dingfield 100 Fly
Jack Munoz 50 Back and 100 Fly
Kevin Munoz 200 Breast

            Senior Champs Times
Caroline Bateh 100 Breast
William Walker 200 Fly

            AAA Times
Zach Dingfield 200 Free
Shrimpy Harrington 100 Back
William Walker 200 and 400 Free

AA Times
Luke Dingfield 100 and 200 Free
Zach Dingfield 50 and 100 Fly, 200 IM
Shrimpy Harrington 200 Back, 400 IM
Jack Munoz 50 Free
Tori Thompson 200 Free
William Walker 200 Fly

Congrats to all the Swimmers!


Daytona Swimming Summer Meet

13 of our 17 swimmers had life time best swims.

New Time Standards

JO Times
Jacob Androsco 100 Breast
Kyle Smithers 100 Breast

Senior Champs Times
Chris Kendrick 50 Free

AA Times
Chris Kendrick 50 Free

Congratulations to all the AmberJax!