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Y Hub Fins Check In Policy

 The YMCA is committed to protecting children. As part of our membership standards established by the YMCA of the USA, we have policies and procedures in place to protect youth and prevent child abuse. Our organization provides our youth with the highest quality services available and we are committed to creating an environment for youth that is safe, nurturing, empowering, and that promotes growth and success.  As part of our commitment, we require all Parents and Y Hub Fins team members to follow established check in/check out procedures to help us keep youth safe when in our facilities and programs.  We are instituting the following effective on Tuesday, May 21st:

  1. All swimmers must check in/scan in at the front desk EVERY time they enter the Y. 
  2. 12 & Unders must be accompanied by an adult throughout the Y, from check in at the front desk to the locker rooms, and finally to the pool deck.  If a parent is not present for the front desk check in, the child will not be allowed to walk to the pool alone.   
  3. Parents also must sign their children in AND out of our program on the pool deck at the lifeguard desk.  We cannot supervise your child in the locker rooms, so please sign them in for practice once they have finished changing into their practice clothes, and sign them out prior to them changing in the locker rooms at the end of practice.  After practice, all children will sit on the benches near the LG station in Hattiesburg and on the bleachers in Petal, until a parent signs them out.  Parents may leave the pool once checked in, but must return in time for the end of practice for signing out.

    If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Ann Culpepper, the Petal Branch Executive Director and our Y’s Safety Guardian.  You can contact her at the Petal Family YMCA at 601-583-4000 or email her at [email protected]

    Thank you for your patience as we update our policies and procedures to create the safest environment possible for our swimmers and your children.

    For the Safety of Our Children,
    Y Hub Fins