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Junior Group Realignment

Good Morning,

I am excited to share some structural changes we will be making to Reno Aquatic Club. We are creating a new group – the Junior group – and this will primarily affect swimmers in the Blue and Pre-Senior groups. We will also be bringing in a new coach to lead this group. I feel these changes will be very positive for the swimmers and the entire team. 

As Reno Aquatic Club continues to grow and change, it is always important that the team evolves so we can better serve our swimmers. As the head coach, I want to be sure we are constantly moving forward as a team and doing our best to put every swimmer in the best possible position for success (and trying to do this with very limited lane space).  

A lot of thought went into this new group. Whenever we move swimmers into new groups, the coaching staff takes the decisions very seriously. We know move-ups are a very big deal to swimmers and families, and the coaching staff evaluates several variables when we move swimmers to different groups. 

In January of 2018, RENO had four groups. Now with the addition of the Junior group, we will have seven different groups. Over the next few months, we will continue to adjust the performance criteria for swimmers to advance to the next group. It is important to note the performance metrics are only a portion of our decision-making process for move-ups. We evaluate several other factors when we make move-up decisions. 

I don’t believe there will ever be a perfect process for move-ups, but we will continue to try and improve/tweak this process. Ultimately, we want to do our best to put every swimmer in the appropriate group to be sure they are in the best possible position for success – both for the short-term and, more importantly, the long-term. As always, if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s swimming, please contact me. 

Here are the specifics on the new Junior group:

To start, the Junior group will be comprised of swimmers from our Blue group and Pre-Senior group. The age for this group will primarily be middle school and older. The goal of the group is to develop strong technique in all four strokes and increase aerobic endurance to prepare the swimmers for our Pre-Senior group. It is also an ideal group for high school swimmers who want to continue swimming year-round. 

Moving forward, Junior swimmers, when ready, will transition into the Pre-Senior group. Swimmers in the Orange group will transition into the Pre-Senior group. And Blue swimmers will transition into Orange.  

I am very excited to announce that RENO will be bringing in a new coach to lead our Junior group. Matt Janess will start with the team on Tuesday, June 4. Matt grew up swimming in the Bay Area and competed for the Walnut Creek Aquabears and UC Santa Barbara. Over the years, Matt has acquired many years of coaching experience working will all ability levels. He will be an excellent addition to RENO and will help us on our journey to being the best team in the region. 

The new Junior group will start on Monday, June 3.

Junior Group Schedule:

Week of June 3

Monday - 5 - 6 PM
Tuesday - 5:30 - 6:30 PM
Wednesday - no practice
Thursday - 5:30 - 6:30 PM
Friday - 5:30 - 6:30 PM
All practices at Idlewild

Starting June 10th through August 2:

Monday - 8 - 9 AM
Tuesday - 4 - 5 PM
Wednesday - 8 - 9 AM
Thursday - 4 - 5 PM
Friday - 8 - 9 AM
All practices at Idlewild

The cost of the Junior group will be $150 per month.

Swimmers who will be in the Junior Group

  • Dom Brittain*
  • Oliver Li*
  • Cadence McCauley
  • Abigail O’Mara
  • David O’Grady
  • Aelli Murray*
  • Jacques Peuchaud*
  • Ryan Reyna
  • Adrian Root
  • Luke Schemenauer*
  • Benjamin Sheridan
  • Savannah Soto*
  • Daniel Valasquez
  • Cassie Whitehouse*

*These swimmers will be in the process of transitioning into the Pre-Senior group. We will speak with each of these swimmers and explain the process.

Swimmers who will be in the Pre-Senior Group

  • Gabi Brittain
  • Ethan Daniels
  • Teson Grant*
  • Hailey Hassell
  • Lena Minetto
  • Preston Penrose
  • Bella Pflieger
  • Eleanor Raker*
  • Ava Ryan*
  • Gabe Schraeder
  • Maddi Simpson
  • Keira Scott*

*These swimmers are in the process of transitioning into the Senior group.

For those swimmers who were in the Pre-Senior group and are now in the Junior group, I want to stress it is not a “move-down” being in the Junior group. With the addition of the new group, we feel the swimmer currently fits best in the Junior group and it will be the best spot to help him/her improve and succeed in the pool. Over the new few days, I will do my best to talk to each swimmer affected by this realignment of groups and explain the new structure. 

Thank you for your continued support of Reno Aquatic Club, and please contact me with any questions or concerns.