May 28 JR/SR group meeting


May 28, 2019 Team Meeting



Black– Athletes 11-14 with some competitive experience.  Have an understanding of interval training and the sport as a whole. Should have own equipment.

Junior– Athletes 11-14 with a strong grasp of the competitive strokes and competitions. Attend at least 5-6 practices per week consistently.   Should attend dryland.  Required to attend team events.  Have own equipment.

Pre Senior– Athletes 14-18 with some competitive experience.  Able to so some advanced training techniques.  Strong enough to use all equipment.

Senior– Athletes 14-18 with at least one Senior 2 cut.  Maintain 7 or more practices per week.  Eligible for team travel and required to attend all team events.  Have own equipment.  Attend dryland training.


Group Expectations

Black and Junior group practices will be between 1hr 30min and 1hr 45min for a majority of the practices. The Pre Senior and Senior groups will be between 1hr 40min and 2 hours for most practices.  All athletes will be assigned a group and will do what is expected of athletes in their group. 


Swimmer Expectations

  1. Show up on time
  2. Have the proper equipment (ie, suit, water bottle, cap, goggles, fins, etc)
  3. Be ready to swim
  4. Listen and be respectful to your coaches and teammates
  5. Give an honest effort in everything you do.
  6. Stay in the pool until practice is finished.  Or take breaks when it is break time.


Team Goals

Mission-Help to make swimmers as good as they want to be.

Belief-Athletes need a positive and supportive environment to thrive.  Swimmers should swim with desire.  Emphasize positivity and responsibility.


Swimmer Goals

  1. Appreciate the sport
  2. Develop attitudes of respect, grace, mindfulness, accountability, and fearlessness.
  3. Develop self discipline, self control, kindness, cooperation, and trust.
  4. Develop responsibility, integrity, hard work, discipline, self motivation, and improve self esteem and confidence.
  5. Excellence in all aspects
  6. Develop commitment, dedication, and goal achievement.